9 Unhealthy Foods You Should Never Order When Eating Out

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  December 04, 2017
  • 1. Murtabak
    1 / 9 1. Murtabak

    Singapore’s supper favourite is smothered with oil and sets you back by about 1000 calories. Curry not included.

    Instead: Go for a plate of thosai (Indian crepe) with a side of sambhar (lentil curry) and vegetables.

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  • 2. Seafood Crispy Noodles
    2 / 9 2. Seafood Crispy Noodles

    This seemingly healthy looking dish contains deep fried noodles nestled upon a rich, thick and eggy broth. This delicious combination brings in about 1000 calories. We know, even kway teow has lesser calories.

    Instead: Order a soup-based hor fun with vegetables.

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  • 3. Pad Thai
    3 / 9 3. Pad Thai

    Yum, the side of crunchy peanuts makes it extra tantalising! However, this sumptuous carb-heavy dish is coated with oil which tallies to around 850 calories.

    Instead: Order rice with tom yum soup or a fragrant chicken basil stir-fry.

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  • 4. Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup
    4 / 9 4. Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

    Wait, isn’t fish soup healthy? Not with the addition of evaporated milk and fried fish. It brings the total calories count to 730. Yikes!

    Instead: Order your fish soup clear and ask for steamed fish. It’s still super delicious that way!

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  • 5. Kway Chap
    5 / 9 5. Kway Chap

    A light lunch? Think again. This carb, protein and sodium combo packs in about 650 calories.

    Instead: Get fish ball noodles with clear soup.

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  • 6. Huge bowls of salad
    6 / 9 6. Huge bowls of salad

    It’s super easy to get your salad fix these days with healthy food chains sprouting up all around the island. But with just 2 generous protein toppings and extras such as lentils and creamy dressings, your salad bowl can reach up to 600 calories! 

    Instead: Go for a smaller sized salad bowl and make sure to balance your bowl with protein and greens. Also, skip the dressing!

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  • 7. Cream-based soups
    7 / 9 7. Cream-based soups

    Creamy soups contain full fat cream, flour and oil which contribute to a very high calorie count. 

    Instead: Tomato-based soups contain much fewer calories.

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  • 8. Fries
    8 / 9 8. Fries

    Sorry, we had to put this on the list. These fried strips of goodness often contain the most calories on restaurant menus.  They also contain almost no nutritional content. Cafes that serve a heaping load of fries, can set you back by up to 800 calories. 

    Instead: Baked potato is always a much better option, sans the butter and sour cream. If you have to, order a single serving of sweet potato fries and share it with a group of friends. 

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  • 9. Frappuccinos
    9 / 9 9. Frappuccinos

    In addition to syrups and whipped cream, some frappuccinos even contain ice cream. Ordering a medium-sized frappuccino already contains more calories than a meal! We say leave this delightful drink behind for good. Ordering it once might grow into an addiction- we all know how addictive sugar is

    Instead: Make it a habit to stick to milk-based coffee drinks. Add half a packet of sugar if you want – that way you get a sweet drink and also control the amount of sugar in your drink. Or, ask for a tiny drizzle of caramel in your iced latte. It definitely won’t be as sinful as a frappuccino.

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