8 Ways to Make Water Taste Better

by Claire Ang
FOOD  |  January 04, 2018
  • Spice up your water with fruits
    1 / 9 Spice up your water with fruits

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    Fruit-infused waters have been gaining popularity. And it’s no surprise why. They taste as pretty as they look, and are packed with health benefits. Simply cut up the fruits, add them to a bottle of water, and leave the bottle to chill in the fridge for a few hours. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste. You can add cinnamon or mint leaves for additional flavour too. Experiment with various fruits to create a unique taste of your own.

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  • 1. Strawberries
    2 / 9 1. Strawberries

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    Add some strawberries to your water to get a sweet yet energising taste. This fruit can help lower your blood pressure and also contains antioxidants that reduce your risk of getting heart disease and cancer. Strawberries go exceptionally well with cucumbers or mint.

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  • 2. Lemons
    3 / 9 2. Lemons

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    One of the most popular fruits to add into water, lemons can help maintain a healthy complexion and boost your immune system with its high levels of vitamin C! Lemons can be mixed with almost any other fruit to give your water a zesty twist.

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  • 3. Cucumbers
    4 / 9 3. Cucumbers

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    In our hot and humid weather, cucumbers can really help to keep you as cool. Made up of 95 per cent water, cucumbers aid with hydration. They contain vitamin K as well, which helps strengthen your bones. Add some of this water-packed fruit for a subtle yet refreshing taste.

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  • 4. Oranges
    5 / 9 4. Oranges

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    Packed with vitamin C, oranges help to improve your overall skin texture and even reduce wrinkles. It can also help to lower and maintain blood pressure. Oranges have a sweet yet zesty taste, and they pair really well with blueberries.

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  • 5. Apples
    6 / 9 5. Apples

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    This popular fruit can help sweeten your water and is highly nutritious. Apples have an abundant amount of antioxidants that can improve your neurological health and even help reduce your chances of developing dementia and diabetes. Try adding cinnamon along with the apples for a spicy flavour.

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  • 6. Limes
    7 / 9 6. Limes

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    This citrus fruit contains antioxidants that can improve your digestion. Limes also have vitamin C which can help reduce inflamation and relieve symptoms of arthritis and conditions that cause joint paint and stiffness. 

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  • 7. Watermelons
    8 / 9 7. Watermelons

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    Have sore muscles after working out? This refreshingly sweet and juicy fruit has L-citrulline which can help reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery time after exercise. It also contains vitamin A, which helps keep your skin moisturised.

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  • 8. Blueberries
    9 / 9 8. Blueberries

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    They might be small, but they have big benefits. Blueberries have antioxidants that can reduce your risk of cognitive damage as well as improve your short-term memory loss and motor coordination. The vitamin C in blueberries helps to fight wrinkles too.

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