8 Potato Chip Alternatives To Satisfy Your Cravings

FOOD  |  March 07, 2017
  • 1. Kale
    1 / 8 1. Kale

    Photo: Pexels/pixabay.com

    Kale holds a great amount of antioxidants, in comparison to other fruits and veggies. You may dust these with a little parmesean and olive oil and bake them in the oven for the perfect crisp.


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  • 2. Apples
    2 / 8 2. Apples

    Photo: congerdesign/pixabay.com

    A medium sized apple comes in under a hundred calories and zero fat. You can cut them into thin slices and season them with your own preference of spices before popping them in the oven. 


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  • 3. Carrots
    3 / 8 3. Carrots

    Photo: jackmac34/pixabay.com

    The focus here is beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that converts into vitamin A in the body for healthier looking skin. Besides being a great addition to your meals, they can also taste just as delicious as chips. Sprinkle spices like cinammon or nutmeg before putting them in the oven. 


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  • 4. Sweet Potatoes
    4 / 8 4. Sweet Potatoes

    Photo: Einladung_zum_Essen/pixabay.com

    These taste just as good as your regular store bought potato chips, plus they provide loads of vitamin A. Slice them up then season with olive oil, chopped garlic, rosemary and sea salt before baking them.

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  • 5. Bananas
    5 / 8 5. Bananas

    Photo: andreas160578/pixabay.com

    High in fibre and potassium, your sweet tooth craving will be satisfied by baking these in the oven. They are also a great source of vitamin C and B6. 

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  • 6. Beetroot
    6 / 8 6. Beetroot

    Photo: Desertrose7/pixabay.com

    Beets are loaded with antioxidant belatain, that’s anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, while providing your body with vitamin A, B and C. As they’re naturally sweet, you can add goat cheese to the baked beets for a masterful combi! 


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  • 7. Whole wheat tortilla chips
    7 / 8 7. Whole wheat tortilla chips

    Photo: Hans/pixabay.com

    They might not be nutritious like fruits or veggies but they make a great low-cal, fibre-loaded snack. You can easily dip them into anything to enhance the flavours. 


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  • 8. Zucchini
    8 / 8 8. Zucchini

    Photo: Pexels/pixabay.com

    This summer squash provides a good source of B vitamins, for healthier hair and skin. To elevate the taste factor, coat them with parmesan, salt and pepper before roasting them in the oven till they’re slightly brown. 

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