8 Places to Buy Organic, Farm-Fresh Produce, Meat And Seafood in Singapore

by Davelle Lee
FOOD  |  January 20, 2018
  • Your guide to eating clean in 2018
    1 / 9 Your guide to eating clean in 2018

    What does it mean to eat clean? It means you don’t eat processed food. It means you know exactly where your food came from, what it previously ate (before it became what’s on your plate), how it spent its days, and how it’s free of chemicals and toxins.

    Here’s where to start for the cleanest, tastiest meat and produce in Singapore.

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    This article was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Her World magazine.

    Photo: Ryan’s Grocery

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  • Sustenir Agriculture
    2 / 9 Sustenir Agriculture

    Its produce grows on hydroponic farms where the temperature, air quality, light, nutrients and water purity are controlled, so expect a practically unblemished crop. Most kale in Singapore is imported, so Sustenir’s is as fresh as it gets. Its range includes arugula, lettuce and spinach. Sustenir supplies Salad Stop, the Tung Lok Group and Da Paolo Group.

    Prices start at $7 for a 150g pack of Kinky Kale or Tuscano Kale. At Cold Storage and www.redmart.com.

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  • The Fishwives
    3 / 9 The Fishwives

    So you can’t get local salmon. But you can get the freshest, cleanest salmon possible from The Fishwives, which imports it from Akaroa Salmon, a farm in the clear waters of New Zealand where the fish grow within their natural habitat. The salmon are reared in the open ocean, and fed fishmeal that’s close to their natural diet. Best of all, the fish arrives in Singapore within 36 hours of being harvested. Apart from salmon, you can get an assortment of fresh and smoked seafood, red and white meats, as well as pasta, sauces and gluten-free breads here, all in line with its clean-eating ethos.

    From $15 for two 180g salmon steaks, with a $10 delivery fee. The Fishwives is at #01-05B Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road. Order online at www.thefishwives.com

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  • Dairyfolks
    4 / 9 Dairyfolks

    Yes, you can get cow’s milk fresh off a farm in Singapore. Dairyfolks rears Holstein Friesian cows, which are known for their high production of milk. The animals are fed a diet of freshly harvested grass and beansprouts, and aren’t given antibiotics or hormones. No additives are added to the milk, and after it’s pasteurised – treated at a low temperature of 80 deg C that kills bacteria but maintains the flavour and texture – it’s packaged and delivered chilled to your doorstep. The milk has a shorter shelf life of just five days, but hey, your health’s worth a little extra hassle.

    Bottles start at $5.50 a litre, with free delivery for orders above $20. Order at www.dairyfolks.com

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  • Ryan's Grocery
    5 / 9 Ryan's Grocery

    This husband-and-wife team flies to Australia and trawls numerous farms and farmer’s markets to bring you a curated selection of organic meats and gluten-free products. Ryan’s Grocery is named after the couple’s young son, whose allergies to dairy and gluten, among other things, first led to the couple making trips to Australia to source suitable produce for him. We love the butchery in particular – it imports pasture-fed organic Angus Pure beef from Angus Australia members, along with a wide selection of other meats such as organic lamb and pork, and gluten-free sausages that are made in-house. Buy them pre-marinated, complete with instructions on how to recreate a restaurant-worthy meat dish.

    Ryan’s Grocery is at 29 Binjai Park. Order online at www.ryansgrocery.com

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    Photo: Ryan’s Grocery

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  • Waitrose Duchy Organic Self-Raising Flour
    6 / 9 Waitrose Duchy Organic Self-Raising Flour

    Puritans might say going clean means ditching confectionery, breakfast cereals and muesli entirely. But if you can’t, opt for organic brands like Waitrose Duchy Organic and Casino Bio. The wheat and grain used in the products are, at the very least, free of artificial chemicals. Find these at the Wellness4life section at Cold Storage, which focuses on organic products, and products that cater to people with allergies. The Great World City, Plaza Singapura, Jelita and Sime Darby outlets have the widest variety.

    $7.95 for a 1.5kg packet.

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  • Kuhlbarra
    7 / 9 Kuhlbarra

    Kuhlbarra isn’t like other fish farms here. It rears only one type of fish: barramundi, imported from Australia and raised in open-sea farms off the southern coast of Singapore. To ensure a clean environment for the fish, the water quality is tested every 10 minutes, and no hormones are given to speed up their growth. The farm not only harvests the fish, it also processes the flesh in cold rooms where it is cut into fillets and vacuum-packed immediately. Chefs like Pollen’s Steve Allen and Cheek by Jowl’s Rishi Naleendra get their fresh catch from Kuhlbarra.

    Prices start from $10 for a single 200g tail cut, and delivery is free if you spend more than $50. Order at www.kuhlbarra.com

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  • Pasar Organic, Fairprice
    8 / 9 Pasar Organic, Fairprice

    This is the most affordable organic produce we could find – up to 10 to 15 per cent cheaper than other brands. Fairprice works with organic farms across Asia to bring in more than 30 varieties of vegetables, including bak choy, chye sim, kai lan, and lady’s finger. It ensures that all farms are certified organic and comply with its strict internal organic assurance programme. The supermarket also oversees the entire process from farm to store shelves.

    Prices start from $2.20 for a 200g pack of lady’s fingers. Order at www.fairprice.com.sg

    Photo: Fairprice

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  • Sea Farmers @ Ubin
    9 / 9 Sea Farmers @ Ubin

    Sea Farmers @ Ubin farms Pacific oysters, imported as spat (otherwise known as oyster babies) from Australia, in numerous large baskets off the coast of Pulau Ubin. It’s an all-natural set-up, where the oysters feed on phytoplankton that floats in the water. Once they are grown and harvested, the oysters are placed in a controlled, clean-water environment for three days and treated under UV light to kill off bacteria.

    From $50 for 16 oysters, with free delivery for orders above $100. Order at www.seafarmers.sg

    Photo: 123rf.com

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