8 Non-Dairy Foods That Can Provide Plenty Of Calcium

FOOD  |  February 24, 2017
  • 1. Oranges
    1 / 8 1. Oranges

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    Indeed, you can get a ton of vitamin C and calcium from this juicy, citrus fruit. It contains 65mg in 1 fruit serving.


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  • 2. Broccoli
    2 / 8 2. Broccoli

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    Here’s another reason why you should eat more broccoli – on top of providing 86mg of calcium (per 2 raw servings), it also contains about twice the amount of vitamin C of an orange.

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  • 3. Sesame Seeds
    3 / 8 3. Sesame Seeds

    Photo: Pezibear/pixabay.com

    Never underestimate these tiny seeds that are usually only consumed when you eat a hamburger. They contain 88mg of calcium in a single teaspoon and help lower blood pressure as well as reduce inflammation. Simply add these to your salads or sprinkled over your vegetable dishes.


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  • 4. Figs
    4 / 8 4. Figs

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    It can be enjoyed as a dessert, but figs are more than just a stick and sweet indulgence. Besides having about 121mg of calcium per half serving, they are loaded up with fibre, potassium as well as magnesium, that helps maintain muscle function.


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  • 5. Sardines
    5 / 8 5. Sardines

    Photo: kai62/pixabay.com

    Not an obvious choice for the health conscious but these salty fish serve up about 351mg of calcium per can, as well as vitamin B-12 – an essential nutrient for brain and nervous system health.

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  • 6. Almonds
    6 / 8 6. Almonds

    Photo: stevepb/pixabay.com

    In a nutshell, you can get an astonishing amount of nutrients from almonds plus about 72mg of calcium per half cup. Perfect for a mid-day snack!

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  • 7. Kale
    7 / 8 7. Kale

    Photo: ulleo/pixabay.com

    What’s not to love about this refreshing and cruncy superfood? It holds about 188mg per two cups plus a handful of antioxidants.

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  • 8. Instant Oatmeal
    8 / 8 8. Instant Oatmeal

    Photo: annafood/pixabay.com

    Instant oatmeal make a great breakfast option as its holds the same amount of nutritional value as regular cooking oatmeal. Simply choose the kinds with no added sugar. You can get about 187mg of calcium for every cup.


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