8 Cool New Ways to Use Chia Seeds

FOOD  |  April 07, 2017
  • 1. Have them with breakfast
    1 / 8 1. Have them with breakfast

    Photo: Superior Foods Asia

    Whether you’re having a sandwich, yogurt or overnight oats, chia seeds will fit right in, adding more antioxidants, protein and fibre to the mix.

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  • 2. Add them to smoothies
    2 / 8 2. Add them to smoothies

    Photo: Elena Shashkina / 123rf.com

    Chia seeds lend texture, and will definitely slow down your rate of drinking and increase satiety. If you find whole chia seeds too chunky for your liking (chia seeds expand by multiple times after being soaked in water), consider using milled or micro-sliced seeds which have a finer texture. Micro-sliced seeds are produced via a proprietary technology that uses a low temperature to open the seeds, so as not to destroy the nutrients. You can buy the seeds from Superior’s online store.

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  • 3. Cool down with a refreshing lemonade
    3 / 8 3. Cool down with a refreshing lemonade

    Photo: Elena Schweitzer / 123rf.com

    Soak one-and-a-half tablespoons of seeds in two cups of cold water or sparkling water (if you want a fizzy lemonade). Then add the juice from one lemon and sweeten with honey or agave syrup.

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  • 4. Make fruity popsicles
    4 / 8 4. Make fruity popsicles

    Photo: Barbara Neveu / 123rf.com

    Skip the artificially-coloured and flavoured fruit pops in the supermarket, and make your own: Simply combine freshly squeezed fruit juice, fresh fruit chunks, honey or agave syrup, and some chia seeds into ice pop moulds. Freeze and enjoy!

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  • 5. Power up your energy drinks
    5 / 8 5. Power up your energy drinks

    Photo: Valentyn Volkov / 123rf.com

    Chia seeds and coconut water are a perfect match. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your workout drink to up the nutrient count.

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  • 6. Sprinkle on savoury food
    6 / 8 6. Sprinkle on savoury food

    Photo: Irina Kryvasheina / 123rf.com

    Good news: Chia seeds go with mains too, by boosting the crunch as well as nutrient factor. This is best done with milled or micro-sliced chia seeds instead of whole chia seeds, as the first two are easier on the palate.

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  • 7. Include them in bakes
    7 / 8 7. Include them in bakes

    Photo: Teri Virbickis / 123rf.com

    It’s so easy to sneak chia seeds into your muffin or cake recipes. Just add a teaspoon for an extra nutty taste!

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  • 8. Make a beauty mask
    8 / 8 8. Make a beauty mask

    Photo: Gennadiy Poznyakov / 123rf.com

    You’ve seen chia seeds in store-bought facial masks; that’s because chia seeds are an excellent exfoliator and buffing agent. To DIY: Once a week, mix two teaspoons of chia seeds with coconut oil and lemon juice to form a paste. Apply mask to your face and leave for a few minutes to set. Use a damp, warm washcloth to remove the mask in circular motions.

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