8 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Might Cause Weight Gain

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  February 28, 2018
  • Skipping breakfast to save calories
    1 / 8 Skipping breakfast to save calories

    Avoiding breakfast altogether might save you some calories initially, but best believe the calories will sneak right up before the end of the day. You’re more likely to have an indulgent lunch or munch on snacks later if you do not feel satiated before beginning your day. 

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  • You eat too little
    2 / 8 You eat too little

    Grabbing a cup of coffee or a single banana does not count as a filling breakfast. A perfect breakfast should equate to a meal-sized portion with fibre, protein and healthy fat. Having too little for your first meal of the day might also trigger you to reach out for little snacks here and there to appease your protesting stomach right before lunch hour comes around. 

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  • You opt for processed or packaged items
    3 / 8 You opt for processed or packaged items

    In addition to oats and nuts, granola bars and other packaged breakfast items contain a high amount of sugar and additives. Packaged instant oatmeal is also partially a mixture of powdered milk and sugar. That’s just like supplying your body with a whole load of preservatives to kickstart the day. Yikes!

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  • You don’t eat carbohydrates
    4 / 8 You don’t eat carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are necessary to kick-start your metabolism for the day ahead. Leaving this important food group out might leave you feeling tired and drowsy. So throw in a slice of wholemeal bread with your eggs to boost your energy as well as improve your focus and memory. 

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  • You wait for too long before eating
    5 / 8 You wait for too long before eating

    Our metabolism slows down during our sleep, so waiting too long before we feed our bodies after waking might be one of the biggest breakfast mistakes! Prevent your metabolism from further declining by eating something within the first couple of hours after waking up. 

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  • You get baked goods
    6 / 8 You get baked goods

    Grabbing a bagel or muffin while you’re at a coffee shop doesn’t mean you’re having a healthy breakfast. Baked goods are often brimming with plenty of butter and sugar. Such items raise your blood sugar level for a while before leaving you drowsy and tired again. And this calls for- you guessed it, another snack attack.

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  • You drink your breakfast
    7 / 8 You drink your breakfast

    Fruit or vegetable smoothies are healthy enough but it can’t be the only thing you’re having for breakfast. Your body does not register the mere act of sipping on liquids as chewing, hence failing to give you the satisfaction of having a filling meal.

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  • You have too many healthy food items
    8 / 8 You have too many healthy food items

    Healthy food items like avocado, organic peanut butter, yoghurt, nuts, coconut, chia seeds and whole wheat bread are great for you, but you might be putting together a calorie bomb if you have too many of these together. So refrain from topping your oatmeal pancakes with peanut butter, banana and nuts all at the same time. 

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