7 Of The Most Nutritious Vegetables

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  April 26, 2018
  • Cabbage
    1 / 7 Cabbage

    This low-calorie, versatile vegetable can be enjoyed in many different ways. Enjoying a cup of cooked cabbage makes sure you get loads of vitamin C which boosts your immune health. It supplies you with a host of other vitamins, minerals and a considerable amount of dietary fibre, keeping you full for long. This leafy green also gives you a good dose of vitamin K that improves heart health.

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  • Beets
    2 / 7 Beets

    This dark-hued root is brimming with iron and folate that is great for your cardiovascular system. Beets also contain nitric acid which promotes excellent blood flow throughout your body. Add a couple of slices in your salad or have it as a side dish if you are feeling a little tired – it’s sure to pump you up!

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  • Radish
    3 / 7 Radish

    The flesh of this piquant-tasting vegetable may look plain, but it is far from useless! Radishes are full of vitamin C, and minerals like zinc and phosphorus. That makes this Asian favourite an immunity-boosting vegetable. It is also an ace detoxifier and works wonders at eliminating the toxins in your body.

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  • Garlic
    4 / 7 Garlic

    Garlic is hailed as a medicinal hero that adds lots of flavour to your dishes. Manganese, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C are just a few of the nutrients this powerful stem has. Veer towards garlic if you are looking to strengthen your immune system to ward you against the common cold. Garlic also reduces your blood pressure and fights against diseases, so this might be the key to living a longer and healthier life.

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  • Spinach
    5 / 7 Spinach

    Spinach is chock full of iron, vitamins and minerals. It also has a high potassium content which means it helps to reduce high blood pressure. Its high fibre and water content means that it will promote a healthier digestive system. Plus, did you know that the vitamin A found in this superfood keeps your hair and skin healthy and strong?

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  • Sweet potato
    6 / 7 Sweet potato

    Sweet potato’s orange hue means that it is loaded with beta-carotene. This provides our body with the goodness of Vitamin A that preserves the condition of our skin, eyes and immune system. Sweet potatoes also have a low glycemic index which means that this healthy carbohydrate keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Its high fibre content also means that ensures your gut health.

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  • Lotus root
    7 / 7 Lotus root

    The lovely lotus root is more than just a pretty addition to your soups and dishes. This humble vegetable is rich in vitamin C which means that you are improving your immunity as you munch on this tasty root. It also contains potassium that keeps your blood running smoothly.

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