7 Christmas Foods That Are High In Calories

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  November 27, 2017
  • 'Tis The Season
    1 / 8 'Tis The Season

    Finally, the best time of the year is nearing. The season of giving, sharing and…feasting. It’s hard to resist the spread of glazed ham, stuffing and even desserts so beware if you might be eating an entire day’s calories in just one sitting! Avoid putting on extra holiday weight by being careful about the portion sizes of the following food and drinks.

    Photo: picjumbo.com / www.pexels.com

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  • Roasted Potatoes
    2 / 8 Roasted Potatoes

    Glorious, chunky potatoes smothered with a generous amount of oil tastes fantastic paired with any type of meat or vegetables. Loading your plate up with this starchy side dish could add up to a lot of calories! Be sure to fill only a quarter of your plate with these delicious potatoes and chew slowly to avoid going back for seconds.

    Photo: Pixabay / www.pexels.com

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  • Processed Meats
    3 / 8 Processed Meats

    It’s true that honey glazed ham, bacon and sausage rolls are the best part of a Christmas dinner spread. But beware, as it’s easy to pile up on these thin strips of mouth-watering goodness. High in sodium, cholesterol and even sugar, processed meat can be very addictive!

    Photo: Pixabay / www.pexels.com

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  • Fudge Cake
    4 / 8 Fudge Cake

    It wouldn’t be a satisfying dinner if there wasn’t a decadent cake oozing with flavour served at the end. A slice of chocolate cake cooked with love, care and an entire stick of butter could cost you up to 300 calories! So if you know you have overindulged with the savoury foods, you can always ask someone to share dessert with you.

    Photo: Daria-Yakovleva / www.pixabay.com

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  • Gravy
    5 / 8 Gravy

    Another butter bomb is the silky, flavourful and luscious gravy. Brimming in an inviting bowl at the end of the table, people often don’t realise how much of this rich brown broth they are scooping into their plates. Instead, hold back on dousing your plate with gravy and start enjoying the natural flavours of the food.

    Photo: TheAndrasBarta / www.pixabay.com

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  • Cookies
    6 / 8 Cookies

    Who doesn’t love cookies? These bite-sized pieces of biscuit look even more enticing with decorative Christmas icing. Take a couple of cookies in a small serving plate so it serves as a visual representation that you’ve had your fill. Otherwise, it’s easy to overindulge when it comes to finger food.

    Photo: rawpixel.com / www.pixabay.com

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  • Eggnog
    7 / 8 Eggnog

    Yummy, creamy, frothy, and sometimes topped with whipped cream, eggnog is a classic drink that can be found at most Christmas celebrations. This lovely concoction, however, contains so much sugar, that it will get you hooked! So be sure to consume this sugary beverage in moderation.

    Photo: TerriC / www.pixabay.com

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  • Alcohol
    8 / 8 Alcohol

    When you’re having a merry time with your family and friends, you won’t even realise how many times you have refilled your glass of wine. The lovely Christmas atmosphere might put you at ease to have more drinks than you need, but that’s never good for your waistline! Tell your friends and family to make a collective effort to cut back on the wine as each serving sets you back by more than 100 calories.

    Photo: Skitterphoto / www.pexels.com

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