These CNY Snacks Have More Calories Than A Bowl Of Rice

by Jillian See
FOOD  |  January 13, 2020
  • Find out if your favourite goodies are on the list
    1 / 8 Find out if your favourite goodies are on the list

    It’s the time of the year again for family gatherings, giving (or receiving) red packets and feasting on goodies. From fragrant, savoury bak kwa to buttery, flaky pineapple tarts, Chinese New Year (CNY) treats actually contain more calories than you think.

    In fact, most of these bite-sized snacks are more calorific than a bowl of white rice. Yikes! Putting this into numbers, a standard bowl of white rice has 280 calories and it would take a 55kg woman close to 30 minutes of non-stop jogging to burn it off. Check out the calorie count of your favourite festive snacks – you might think twice about overindulging this CNY.

    Nutrient info is from the Health Promotion Board.
    Calorie expenditure is from MyFitnessPal and based on a 55kg woman.

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  • Bak kwa
    2 / 8 Bak kwa

    Per serving (1 slice, 94g):
    370 calories

    Eating just one slice will take you two hours and 15 minutes of walking to burn off!


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  • Kueh lapis
    3 / 8 Kueh lapis

    Per serving (2 slices, 100g):
    475 calories

    Expect your blood sugar to spike when you eat kueh lapis, no thanks to the copious amounts of butter and sugar in it. It’s best savoured occasionally.


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  • Peanut cookies
    4 / 8 Peanut cookies

    Per serving (6 pieces, 60g):
    306 calories

    Relish every bite of this crumbly, nutty treat because you’ll probably be thinking about how to work it off later.


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  • Pineapple tarts
    5 / 8 Pineapple tarts

    Per serving (4 pieces, 80g):
    373 calories

    Pineapple tarts are laden with sugar – each serving (4 pieces) contains a whopping 11 teaspoons – that’s more sugar than what’s in a can of coke (330ml).


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  • Dried shrimp rolls (hae bee hiam)
    6 / 8 Dried shrimp rolls (hae bee hiam)

    Per serving (14 pieces, 63g):
    319 calories

    These crispy and spicy shrimp rolls are deep fried, making them high in saturated fat which can increase your bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.

    Photo: SPH Magazines

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  • Prawn crackers
    7 / 8 Prawn crackers

    Per serving (80g):
    339 calories

    Exercise portion control – this snack usually comes in packets weighing 80 to 100g. Share this treat with your friends and family so you won’t overindulge.


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  • Peanut sesame candy
    8 / 8 Peanut sesame candy

    Per serving (2 pieces, 86g):
    436 calories

    This sticky, chewy candy contains rock sugar – lots of it. It’s all about eating in moderation.

    Photo: SPH Magazines

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