6 Foods That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

FOOD  |  July 13, 2017
  • 1. Mushroom salad
    1 / 6 1. Mushroom salad

    Photo: vanillaechoes/123rf.com

    Mmm, warm sauteed mushrooms on greens, all the better tossed with a creamy dressing. We’ve got bad news: a salad like that easily clocks in at 500 to 600 calories, which is more than a McDonald’s Big Mac (522 calories).

    A version of this story first appeared in The Finder.

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  • 2. Tahini
    2 / 6 2. Tahini

    Photo: vanillaechoes/123rf.com

    Maybe you feel better because it’s raw veggies you’re dipping into your tahini, but at 89 calories per tablespoon – say you have five tablespoons – you might as well be having a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (532 calories) as mid-afternoon munchies.

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  • 3. Macadamia nuts
    3 / 6 3. Macadamia nuts

    Photo: sunnysun0804/Pixabay

    Topping the calorie charts in the nuts category, an ounce of dry-roasted macademia nuts contain 204 calories – 88 per cent of which come from fat. That’s nuts! A reasonable serving of three ounces is nutritionally on part with a hearty McDouble with a medium Coke.

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  • 4. Raisins
    4 / 6 4. Raisins

    Photo: 683440/Pixabay

    For a supposedly healthy food, rasisins are calorically dense. A small 1.5-ounce box contains 145 calories – equivalent to two full cups of grapes, their pre-dried ancestors, or a yummy McDonald’s Hashbrown (149 calories).

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  • 5. Sushi
    5 / 6 5. Sushi

    Photo: Live-Green-Magazine/Pixabay

    A piece of salmon sushi gives you 59 calories, a piece of tamago sushi gives you 63 calories… the list goes on here. How many to have your fill? Enough to match a McSpicy (522 calories)?

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  • 6. Tofu
    6 / 6 6. Tofu

    Photo: Silentpilot/Pixabay

    Beware of the pre-bkaed or flavoured packaged varieties at the supermarket. The price you’re paying is about 150 calories per serving – a Vanilla Cone at McDonald’s (147 calories) – as compared to 50 calories per serving of plain tofu, which you can flavour up much more healthily.

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