6 Energy-Boosting Superfoods to Eat If You’re Always Tired

FOOD  |  March 11, 2017
  • Banana flour
    1 / 6 Banana flour

    This is made from green bananas and can be used as a replacement for traditional flour. It’s gluten-free and high in resistant starch, which is a prebiotic that aids with immunity, as it encourages the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. The prebiotic will also give you some protection against colon cancer. The high resistant starch level also helps to control blood-sugar levels and, therefore, diabetes. It’s also high in potassium, making it ideal for anyone with blood pressure issues. Sprinkle some of it on your smoothie or salad dressing or use it when you’re baking.

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  • Chlorophyll
    2 / 6 Chlorophyll

    This plant extract is what gives plants their lovely shade of green but this isn’t the only attractive thing about it. It decreases your food intake and can help with weight loss. Plus, it binds to carcinogens in your body, therefore hindering them from circulating to anywhere else and harming important organs such as your heart. It’s also said to help cleanse the liver. It can be found in the form of chlorophyll water, capsules or in liquid form to add to anything you eat or drink.

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  • Bone broth
    3 / 6 Bone broth

    It might not sound appetising to everyone but the benefits to your body are worth a try. Bone broth is rich in protein and also contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These give you a healthy digestive system, reduces inflammation and also helps with fatigue and anxiety. It also has a high collagen content, which keeps your intestines healthy and also boosts your skin, nails and hair. (Also Read: 8 Non-Dairy Foods That Can Provide Plenty Of Calcium)

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  • Kefir
    4 / 6 Kefir

    Add this fermented milk drink to your daily diet and your digestive system will thank you for it. It’s a probiotic and therefore very good for your gut health as it contains a lot of ‘good bacteria’ that make your digestive system healthier. Because your intestines benefit from it, it’ll also reduce conditions like bloating. It’s also very low in lactose so is suitable for anyone who can’t digest dairy products. It does have a very strong taste, though, so if you can’t bear to drink it ‘pure’, add a bit of it to your smoothie or fruit juice.

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  • Turmeric
    5 / 6 Turmeric

    A plant that’s native to South Asia, turmeric is most commonly used as an ingredient in curries. It has also been used for centuries as part of traditional Indian medicine and the rest of the world are now taking notice of its health benefits too. It’s very useful in reducing inflammation and also helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It also contains an active ingredient called curcumin, and lab studies have shown it to have antioxidant properties and even kill and prevent the growth of cancer cells. Add a pinch of turmeric to anything that you cook or boil a pinch of it with milk and drink it warm. (Also Read: Can A Daily Spoonful Of Turmeric Lower Your Cancer Risk?)

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  • Purple veggies
    6 / 6 Purple veggies

    You don’t just need to ‘eat your greens’ anymore, as purple is the new green. Purple veggies such as purple kale, asparagus, carrots, sweet potato and cauliflower are the way to go in 2017. They contain anthocyanins, which is what gives them their colour and is also found in blueberries. It is beneficial to heart health, reduces inflammation and improves memory too. It’s also said to reduce the risk of cancer as well as controlling and possibly preventing diabetes. Plus, they’ll look absolutely gorgeous in all your food snaps on social media too. (Also Read: 9 Best Fruits and Veggies To Quench Your Thirst)

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