5 Yummy, Cold & Quick Meal Ideas To Survive Singapore’s Hot Weather

by Jillian See
FOOD  |  May 30, 2018
  • Beat the heat with these quick and delicious cold dishes
    1 / 6 Beat the heat with these quick and delicious cold dishes

    In Singapore’s unforgiving weather, it’s almost impossible to get through a day without sweating. Time to trade hot foods for refreshing cold ones, to stay cool in the heat. These simple dishes are also convenient to prep ahead of time.

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  • Tuna wraps
    2 / 6 Tuna wraps

    Whether you pack them for lunch to-go or as a party snack, these wraps are really easy to eat, and not to mention healthy too.

    To make the filling: Mix canned tuna in olive oil with chopped cherry tomatoes, onions and cream cheese. Season the mixture with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. These wraps will satisfy your tummy without the post-food coma. To make them healthier, add lettuce leaves and use whole-wheat wraps.

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  • Rainbow sushi rice bowl
    3 / 6 Rainbow sushi rice bowl

    All you need is your favourite sashimi and veggies, and you get an Instagram-worthy, wholesome bowl as your meal.

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    Opt for brown rice to make this a more nutritious and filling meal – the complex carbohydrates will keep you full for longer. Select at least five types of veggies to top your bowl.

    Slices of carrots and cucumbers are great for a refreshing crunch. Add avocado slices for a smooth, creamy texture and to make this rice bowl a filling meal option. Top with nori strips and toasted sesame seeds for extra crunch and fragrance.

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  •  Pesto spaghetti with tomato and avocado
    4 / 6 Pesto spaghetti with tomato and avocado

    Here’s a refreshing alternative to the usual spaghetti. It’s hearty, yet easy on the palate. Whip up this vegan-friendly dish with just four ingredients – spaghetti, pesto sauce, avocado and tomatoes. Mix your spaghetti with pesto sauce and complete the dish with sliced avocados and chopped tomatoes. Garnish with grated black pepper and basil leaves to elevate the taste.

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  • Vietnamese-inspired spring rolls
    5 / 6 Vietnamese-inspired spring rolls

    These compact spring rolls are so fun to eat. Plus, they are customisable. Add your favourite ingredients and you can have them on-the-go. We recommend lettuce, shredded cucumber, carrots and prawns. To make the peanut sauce dip, mix in nut butter, Hoisin sauce, minced garlic and a dash of vinegar.

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  • Spicy Thai glass noodle salad
    6 / 6 Spicy Thai glass noodle salad

    For those who can’t do without spicy food, this noodle salad gives you the kick without making you break out into a sweat. To make a yummy Thai sauce, blend garlic, ginger, cilantro, spring onions, brown sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and chilli padi.

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    Mix the sauce well into glass noodles, shredded cucumbers, cabbage, carrots and eggs. If you want more protein in your meal, add sliced chicken or beef. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the dish and it’s ready to be served.


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