5 Ways to Make a Healthier Yu Sheng

FOOD  |  January 06, 2017
  • 1. Skip the pickles
    1 / 5 1. Skip the pickles

    Photo: unsplash.com/www.pexels.com

    Pickles are high in preservatives and sugar. Replace them with refreshing citrus ingredients such as pomegranate, pomelo, grapefruit, and yuzu. Plus, they will make your Yu Sheng way more colourful and Instagram-worthy!

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  • 2. Add more seeds
    2 / 5 2. Add more seeds

    Photo: nutria3000/www.123rf.com

    Besides your basic white sesame seeds, add a dose of chia seeds, black sesame and pumpkin seeds. Chia seeds are packed with fibre that helps you to stay full longer and reduce overall cholesterol levels. Black sesame seeds have more calcium and antioxidants compared to white seeds. And pumpkin seeds are filled with heart-healthy omega-3 and -6 fats.

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  • 3. Choose almonds over peanuts
    3 / 5 3. Choose almonds over peanuts

    Photo: stevepb/www.pixabay.com

    Swap your crushed peanuts with crushed almonds instead. Almonds have more iron and calcium, and have a lower fat content than peanuts. Almonds also contain vitamin E, which can give your immune system the boost it needs.

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  • 4. Replace the deep fried crackers
    4 / 5 4. Replace the deep fried crackers

    Photo: anikasalsera/www.123rf.com

    Instead of your ‘golden pillow’ crackers, try using thin rice or multigrain crackers. These crackers are usually baked and contain less fat. Crush and sprinkle them over your yu sheng to get the same satisfying crunch.

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  • 5. Make your own sauce
    5 / 5 5. Make your own sauce

    Photo: Holiday Inn Atrium

    Forget plum sauce: it’s exceedingly high in sugar. Try this fruity dressing with no added sugar or oil: Dice 350g of dragon fruit and blend with 150g of passion fruit until smooth. Place the mixture in a sterilised jar and let it ferment for a month under room temperature. Turn the jar occasionally to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed. Your guests will be impressed!

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