5 Foods That Can Sabotage Your Sleep

FOOD  |  April 25, 2017
  • 1. Cruciferous vegetables
    1 / 5 1. Cruciferous vegetables

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    These veggies like broccoli and cauliflower might be known more often for their benefits – its phytochemicals, vitmains and minerals aid your body’s natural detoxification process. On top of that, they also contain a sleep-inducing amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin, which in fact regulates sleep. However, the problem lies in its insoluble fibre. As it is slow-digesting, your body will still be working on it when you eat it way too close to bedtime, which is why it can interfere with your sleep. 


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  • 2. Spicy foods
    2 / 5 2. Spicy foods

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    Meals that tag along with a whole lot of heat tend to raise your body’s core temperature, which can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. There’s also a good chance these foods can lead to heartburn. 


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  • 3. Cured meat
    3 / 5 3. Cured meat

    Photo: Torsten Dettlaff/pexels.com

    It might seem pretty perfect to enjoy a late night party platter with your friends but snacking on cured meats won’t just interfere with your weight loss efforts. With its amino acid, called tyramine, consuming cured meats will trigger the release of a stimulant that makes us feel more alert, hence less sleepy by the time you get under your covers.

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  • 4. Tomato sauce
    4 / 5 4. Tomato sauce

    Photo: Unsplash/pexels.com

    There seems to be more good than harm with tomato sauce, afterall it’s packed with vitamin C, iron and lycopene – an antioxidant that is shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. But this delicious red mix is also highly acidic, which can lead to heartburn and indigestion while your body is trying to sleep. Tip to note: try to have your next plate of spaghetti bolognese at least three hours before your bedtime. 


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  • 5. Dark chocolate
    5 / 5 5. Dark chocolate

    Photo: Kaboompics//Karolina/pexels.com

    This healthy dessert option might not be such a good idea just before bedtime. Especially since this treat comes along with a good amount of caffeine. Although it is still lesser than what you would consume from a cup of coffee, the dosage found is enough to disrupt a good night’s sleep. The darker the chocolate is, the more caffeine it is likely to have.  

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