5 Foods You Should Avoid When You Have Your Period

FOOD  |  December 28, 2017
  • Carbonated drinks
    1 / 5 Carbonated drinks

    You probably expected this one to be on the list. After all, even when you’re not on your period, carbonated drinks have a way of making you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Plus, with all that sugar content, it’s likely you’ll feel moody too.

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  • Processed foods
    2 / 5 Processed foods

    Processed foods tend to be high in sodium — to lengthen their shelf life and preserve them. However, they can also lead to bloating and leave you with water retention.

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  • Fried foods
    3 / 5 Fried foods

    Fried foods tend to contain trans fats. Trans fats can elevate the oestrogen levels in your body, causing you to get even more period cramps than usual.

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  • Beans
    4 / 5 Beans

    It’s no surprise that beans can cause bloating and slight flatulence. Avoid them when on your period so you feel less uncomfortable.

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  • Refined grains
    5 / 5 Refined grains

    Just like processed foods, refined bread contains grains that could interfere and spike your blood sugar levels, causing you to have mood swings and feel more tired than usual.

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