4 Pretty, Edible Flowers That Will Make Your Dishes Tastier & Instagram-Worthy

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  May 25, 2018
  • Why flowers?
    1 / 5 Why flowers?

    Flowers blooming in the park is a pretty sight, but what if you took a little bit of garden with you back home? Sprinkling flower petals on salads, soups or desserts elevates homemade meals to totally enviable and Instagram-worthy dishes. Let your dishes exude class simply by choosing the right floral garnishes for them. Click through to find out which flowers have edible petals that add a splash of colour to your meals. These pretty picks can easily be found at your local wet market!

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  • Chrysanthemum
    2 / 5 Chrysanthemum

    The bright yellow flower turns your savoury meals into a bowl full of sunshine. These golden petals sit pretty on your bowl of rice and release a sweet fragrance as you nosh on occasional spoonfuls of chrysanthemum. Alternatively, steep a bunch of thoroughly washed chrysanthemum flowers in a pot of sweetened water for an uplifting afternoon tea!

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  • Red roses
    3 / 5 Red roses

    Rose petals serve as a wonderful garnish for desserts. For a chic dessert, serve your guests pancakes with rose petals on top. Rose petals can also be dipped into melted dark chocolate for a quick afternoon snack. You no longer need to visit an expensive cafe if you can make your Sunday home brunches look this good!

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  • Hibiscus
    4 / 5 Hibiscus

    The deep hue of the hibiscus flower adds a gorgeous shade of red that seeps beautifully into your homemade teas. For a caffeine-free drink, steep fresh hibiscus petals in a pot of water and spike it with a either spoonful of honey, lime or basil. Pour this gorgeous pink-hued drink over ice for a quick refresher to beat the heat. Your guests will go crazy over this pretty drink!

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  • Lavender
    5 / 5 Lavender

    Adding tiny lavender stalks to your desserts adds a sophisticated taste and aroma to your bakes. For an extra classy breakfast, add some lavender flowers on your yogurt or oatmeal to transform the way you look at your bowl of breakfast every morning. Store some throughly-washed lavender flowers in the refrigerator for up to a week in an airtight container so you can use it to garnish your dishes anytime!

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