23 Unhealthy Singapore Breakfast Foods You Should Eat Less Of

by Aretha Loh and Tan Ju Min
FOOD  |  March 10, 2018
  • Popiah
    1 / 23 Popiah

    1 roll – 188 calories

    Even though a roll of popiah contains 188 calories, most of us eat two rolls at a time which totals up to 376 calories. Ingredients like the sweet sauce, fried shallots, chilli sauce and Chinese sausages are the culprits of this calorie-heavy dish.

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  • You tiao
    2 / 23 You tiao

    1 pair – 192 calories

    Commonly eaten with porridge or soya milk, this dough fritter that is deep fried in oil contains a high amount of sodium and exceeds the daily intake of carbs for an average adult.

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  • Chee cheong fun
    3 / 23 Chee cheong fun

    1 roll – 132 calories

    Although this breakfast food is steamed, the sweet sauce and chilli sauce drizzled on top are the main sources of all the calories.

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  • Fishball noodles (dry)
    4 / 23 Fishball noodles (dry)

    1 bowl – 370 calories

    As compared to the soup version, dry fishball noodles contain much more calories due to the sauce-laden noodles.

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  • Curry puff
    5 / 23 Curry puff

    1 piece – 246 calories

    Just a piece of this deep-fried goodie contains 246 calories. Not only is it high in calories, it is also high in sodium at 1,341 mg. Just 159 mg short of an average adult’s daily sodium intake.

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  • Kway chap
    6 / 23 Kway chap

    1 bowl – 650 calories

    According to HealthXchange, this savoury dish completed with braised pork belly and intestines already exceeds the daily allowance for cholesterol and sodium for an average adult.

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  • Wanton noodles (dry)
    7 / 23 Wanton noodles (dry)

    1 bowl – 411 calories

    Similarly to fishball noodles, a bowl of dry wanton noodles is doused in gravy with a side of soup. For a healthier option, ask for more vegetables and lesser gravy.

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  • Putu mayam
    8 / 23 Putu mayam

    One serving  – 196 calories

    You’re consuming empty calories. The grated coconut and red sugar also give you a mid-morning crash after the initial spike in sugar. Healthier gratification: Limit yourself to one teaspoon each of grated coconut and sugar for one serving of putu mayam. Saves you 96 calories.

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  • Chwee kueh
    9 / 23 Chwee kueh

    One serving – 224 calories (four pieces of steamed rice cake with preserved radish and chilli).

    This is really oily and high in sodium (900mg). Healthier gratification: Go easy on the chilli – it’s the main culprit behind the high sodium and fat content.

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  • Lor mai kai
    10 / 23 Lor mai kai

    One serving – 322 calories

    It’s high in fat, and the amount of protein you get from the bits of chicken doesn’t add much to your recommended dietary intake. Healthier gratification: Have just half a portion to satisfy your craving without piling on fat. Or, read how you can have a more nutritious breakfast that is healthier as well.

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  • Char siew pau
    11 / 23 Char siew pau

    One bun – 363 calories

    For an item that would do little to satiate you first thing in the morning, it’s high in calories and carbs (45g). And, chances are, you won’t stop at one. Healthier gratification: Red bean (205 calories), lotus seed (170 calories) and vegetable (150 calories) buns are better options.

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  • Kaya and butter toast
    12 / 23 Kaya and butter toast

    One serving – 196 calories (two slices of white bread, two teaspoons of kaya and one teaspoon of butter).

    This well-loved, traditional breakfast food contains trans fat from the butter. Healthier gratification: Lay off the butter, and you’ll shave off 44 calories.

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  • Cantonese-style porridge
    13 / 23 Cantonese-style porridge

    One bowl  – 224 calories (served with meat, egg, century egg and spring onions)

    This is high in cholesterol (370mg), exceeding the recommended daily cholesterol intake of 300mg.
    Healthier gratification: Go for fish porridge (211 calories) instead – it’s lower in cholesterol.

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  • Masala thosai
    14 / 23 Masala thosai

    One serving – 362 calories

    The potato filling coupled with the rice wrap makes this a double-carb combo (52.4g). Healthier gratification: Get the plain thosai instead (100 calories). Otherwise, have just half of the masala thosai.

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  • Fried bee hoon
    15 / 23 Fried bee hoon

    One plate – 427 calories (served with a fried egg and a slice of fried luncheon meat.)

    High carb (48.1g) and sodium (1,120mg) content aside, this is also low in dietary fibre (just 4g). You should be eating about 20g of fibre a day. Healthier gratification: Avoid the luncheon meat and other fried items – these are high in fat and sodium.

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  • Carrot cake
    16 / 23 Carrot cake

    One plate – 493 calories (with dark sweet sauce)

    This contains 35g of fat and 1,290mg of sodium, close to the daily recommended limits. Healthier gratification: Opt for the white version. Sweet sauce can pack 50 to 100 calories.

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  • Roti prata
    17 / 23 Roti prata

    Two pieces – 497 calories (one egg and one plain)

    Besides being high in carbs (60g), the margarine that’s usually used to fry prata often contains trans fats. Healthier gratification: Stick to three tablespoons of curry for each piece of prata to cut down on your fat and cholesterol intake.

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  • Mee rubus
    18 / 23 Mee rubus

    One bowl – 571 calories (served with one hard-boiled egg)

    This is both high in salt (2,160mg) and cholesterol (206mg) – not something you want first thing in
    the morning. Healthier gratification: Leave half to a quarter of the noodles behind – you’ll be halving the calories too.

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  • Mutton murtabak
    19 / 23 Mutton murtabak

    One serving – 587 calories

    It’s high in sodium (2150mg), cholesterol (206mg) and carbs (61.4g). Healthier gratification: Get a chicken murtabak instead and save yourself about 98 calories.

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  • Mee siam
    20 / 23 Mee siam

    One plate – 694 calories

    It packs a whopping 2,660mg of sodium. Healthier gratification: Save about 174 calories by leaving a quarter of the noodles behind.

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  • Nasi lemak
    21 / 23 Nasi lemak

    One plate – 635 calories

    It contains 11.4g of saturated fat, thanks to the coconut milk. Healthier gratification: Ask for a half portion of rice and you’ll save half of the fat content.

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  • Roti John
    22 / 23 Roti John

    One serving – 721 calories

    It’s carb-heavy (77g) and you’ll hit the daily recommended sodium intake with just this one dish. Healthier gratification: If you must order this, share it with a friend!

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  • Lontong
    23 / 23 Lontong

    One bowl – 798 calories

    This contains a total of 40g of fat and 21.6g of saturated fat. You’ve also just about reached the daily recommended sodium intake of 2,000mg. Healthier gratification: Resist the gravy and you’ll ditch more than half the fat and calories.

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