11 Foods You Wouldn’t Expect to Have Loads of Sugar

FOOD  |  January 07, 2017
  • 1. Smoothies
    1 / 11 1. Smoothies

    Photo: skeeze/Pixabay

    Store-bought smoothies contain sugar to extend their shelf life. It’s best to make your own smoothies at home.


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  • 2. Salad Dressings
    2 / 11 2. Salad Dressings

    Photo: ailinder/Pixabay

    Salad dressings like Italian or vinaigrette can contain up to 10g of sugar per serving. The best thing is to either make your own dressing using lemon juice and a bit of salt and oil, or cut back on how much you douse your salad with.

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  • 3. Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce
    3 / 11 3. Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce

    Photo: Chequeredlnk/Pixabay

    Ketchup contains plenty of sugar and salt to extend its shelf life and keep it tasting good. Barbecue sauce is usually made with honey, molasses and even brown sugar so be sure to read the labels carefully.

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  • 4. Soup
    4 / 11 4. Soup

    Photo: kamila21/Pixabay

    While the sugar count might be lower than the sodium count in soup, it shouldn’t be dismissed. The average canned tomato soup has up to 13g of sugar per serving.

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  • 5. Flavoured Yogurt
    5 / 11 5. Flavoured Yogurt

    Photo: Monouso/Pixabay

    Fruit-flavoured yogurt can contain up to 23g of sugar per serving! Eating Greek yogurt is the best option.

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  • 6. Fruit Juice
    6 / 11 6. Fruit Juice

    Photo: stevepb/Pixabay

    Fruit juices can sometimes have as much sugar as a soft drink. The fibre content is also lost when a fruit has been juiced so you’re better off eating the fruit as it is.

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  • 7. White Bread
    7 / 11 7. White Bread

    Photo: kirahoffman/Pixabay

    According to dietician Dr Sarah Schenker, the average slice of white bread can contain up to 3g of sugar. While some sugar will form naturally, some is added in to make the yeast in the dough rise.

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  • 8. Sports Drinks
    8 / 11 8. Sports Drinks

    Photo: kropekk_pl/Pixabay

    Drink these only when you need to replenish electrolytes after working out.

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  • 9. Coleslaw
    9 / 11 9. Coleslaw

    Photo: Wow_Pho/Pixabay

    The mayonnaise used to make coleslaw is likely to have a lot of sugar.

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  • 10. Milk
    10 / 11 10. Milk

    Photo: congerdesign/Pixabay

    Whether it’s low-fat or non-fat milk, there’s approximately 12g of sugar in about 250ml of milk.

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  • 11. Raisins
    11 / 11 11. Raisins

    Photo: 683440/Pixabay

    A quarter cup of raisins can contain 25g of sugar so be extra careful and watch your portions.

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