10 High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Good For You

FOOD  |  February 22, 2017
  • 1. Eggs
    1 / 10 1. Eggs

    Photo: Tookapic/pexels.com

    Not only can you get loads of protein from eggs, you can also get choline, an important B vitamin that regulates the brain and cardiovascular system. Out of the 5 grams of fat that you get from one whole egg, only 1.5 grams are saturated, making the majority of it essentially good fat. 

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  • 2. Edamame
    2 / 10 2. Edamame

    Photo: takedahrs/pixabay.com

    These delicious japanese beans are filled with both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, thatmake a great source of protein and fibre. 


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  • 3. Tuna
    3 / 10 3. Tuna

    Photo: sayama/pixabay.com

    Tuna lovers, rejoice! This yummy fish packs a high amount of healthy fats and omega-3s. But do limit your visits to your favourite sushi joint, to avoid excessive intake of mercury, which is usually found in small amounts of seafood. 

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  • 4. Walnuts
    4 / 10 4. Walnuts

    Photo: Right Light/pexels.com

    They don’t just have the perfect crunch but also loads of omega-3 fatty acids. According to a study published in BMJ Journals, eating a handful of walnuts everyday helps to lower cholesterol as well as improve blood vessel function. 


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  • 5. Tofu
    5 / 10 5. Tofu

    Photo: 621hjmit/pixabay.com

    Indeed, you can never go wrong with tofu on your plate. Not only is it a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, you can also reap the benefits of its plant-based protein that’s low in sodium and high in calcium.


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  • 6. Olives and olive oil
    6 / 10 6. Olives and olive oil

    Photo: Couleur/pixabay.com

    This phytonutrient can be your average snack as it packs mainly monounsaturated fat and also plays a part in reducing bone loss. The same goes for olive oil, making it the better, healthier choice of oils to use for salads and dips.


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  • 7. Dark chocolate
    7 / 10 7. Dark chocolate

    Photo: Kaboompics//Karolina/pexels.com

    Choose dark chocolate of a cocoa content of at least 70 percent to get the most out of plant-based antioxidants. About half of the fat from this bittersweet snack is saturated but the rest of it contrains healthy fats and nutrients like vitamin A, B, E, calcium and even fibre. 

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  • 8. Chia Seeds
    8 / 10 8. Chia Seeds

    Photo: MIH83/pixabay.com

    They might be small but powerful in omega-3s, fibre, protein and antioxidants. Definitely the superfood you should include in your smoothies and desserts.


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  • 9. Salmon
    9 / 10 9. Salmon

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    The right kind of fatty fish you should be including in your diet. Full of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can boost heart health, according to The American Heart Association, who recommends at least two servings weekly to reap the best benefits. 


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  • 10. Avocado
    10 / 10 10. Avocado

    Photo: Kjokkenutstyr/pixabay.com

    Who knew something creamy could be so good for you – not just for your palate but your body, providing primarily monounsaturated fat, fibre, an antioxidant called lutein that protects your vision, while being naturally sodium and cholesterol free at the same time. Although we would suggest watching the intake as they are still high in calories. 



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