No Gym Weights? Work Out With Your Watermelon And 4 Other Common Household Items

by Jillian See
FITNESS  |  October 26, 2017
  • Who says you need gym weights to exercise at home?
    1 / 11 Who says you need gym weights to exercise at home?

    No gym weights at home? That ain’t an excuse to skip exercise. Here are five ways you can work out with everyday household items. Do 15 reps for each exercise to complete a set. Increase the number of sets as you progress.


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  • Watermelon
    2 / 11 Watermelon

    A watermelon does more than just quenching your thirst in this humid weather. The 6-10kg fruit makes a good medicine ball substitute in a strength training routine. One great exercise to do is alternate lunge.

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  • Alternate lunge with a watermelon (instead of dumbbells)
    3 / 11 Alternate lunge with a watermelon (instead of dumbbells)

    Hold watermelon with both hands. Stand straight with knees, hip-width apart and shoulders relaxed. Engage core throughout this exercise.

    Lunge forward with right leg and bend both knees at 90 degrees. Knees should be just a few centimetres above ground. Front knee should not go beyond toes. Hold for three seconds and return to starting position. Switch sides to complete one rep.

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  • Canned foods
    4 / 11 Canned foods

    Those cans of food you’ve been saving for rainy days? Bring them out for a challenging ab exercise: the Russian twist. Holding two 400g cans while doing it will fire up your obliques and whittle down your waist.

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  • Russian twist with two 400g cans (instead of medicine ball)
    5 / 11 Russian twist with two 400g cans (instead of medicine ball)

    Sit on floor with knees slightly bent, heels on ground. Make sure your legs are at least hip-width apart. Lean back slightly so your upper body and thighs form a V shape.

    Hold one can in each hand and extend arms in front of you. Engage core and twist upper torso to the right without swinging arms. Hold for two seconds and return to centre. Twist to left side and hold for two seconds to complete one rep.

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  • Cloth
    6 / 11 Cloth

    Scrubbing the floor with a cloth the traditional way could actually help to sculpt your abs. Cloths slide pretty well on the floor, making it a cheap alternative to ab rollers.

    This exercise trains not only your core, but also your triceps and your back. Look bikini-ready and have squeaky clean floors? Sounds like a deal. All you need is two kitchen towels.

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  • Ab rolling with two cloths (instead of ab roller)
    7 / 11 Ab rolling with two cloths (instead of ab roller)

    Get into plank position and lower knees to floor. Fold one piece of kitchen towel in half and place under your knees to cushion. With the other kitchen towel, hold the two longest ends of the cloth with both hands and roll it.

    Place rolled towel on floor with palms on it. Arms should be shoulder-width apart. Engaging core and keeping back straight, slowly push towel forward and go as far as you can without your body touching the floor. Make sure your back doesn’t arch as you go down. Hold for three seconds before coming back up to starting position.

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  • Chair
    8 / 11 Chair

    Instead of sitting while watching your favourite TV series, why not squeeze in a quick arm workout with the chair? Doing dips will tone your triceps and upper back too.

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  • Tricep dip on chair
    9 / 11 Tricep dip on chair

    Sit on a stable chair and place hands on the edges of the seat, shoulder-width apart. Lift butt off chair and lower body towards ground.

    Straighten legs in front of you, feet together. Bend elbows at 90 degrees and lower body as much as you can without touching the ground. Push back up to complete one rep.

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  • Detergent bottle
    10 / 11 Detergent bottle

    Kettlebell exercises are good for getting in a full-body workout, as they train a range of muscles: your core, hamstrings, shoulders, quadriceps and glutes.

    No kettlebell? Turn to your trusty detergent bottle. As most detergent bottles have only one handle, keep the bottle upright and hold the handle with hands over each other to avoid overstraining your back during the exercise.

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  • Kettlebell swing using a detergent bottle (instead of kettlebell)
    11 / 11 Kettlebell swing using a detergent bottle (instead of kettlebell)

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing outwards. Bend knees slightly and hold the detergent bottle in between legs.

    Tighten glutes and make sure back is straight. In a fluid motion, powerfully drive the detergent bottle to the front, using energy from your legs, butt and hips. Let the momentum swing you back.

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