What’s At TripleFit Singapore, Your New Fitness & Shopping Destination

FITNESS  |  December 06, 2016
  • TripleFit Singapore
    1 / 12 TripleFit Singapore

    Located at #02-63 Millenia Walk, TripleFit is a 23,500 square-feet space that offers gym facilities, group fitness classes, as well as a huge retail section selling activewear and the latest wearable tech. Aside from regular group classes, TripleFit will also offer personal training and specialised training programmes depending on your fitness goals. It’s open from 6.45am to 10pm on weekdays, and 8am to 8pm on weekends and public holidays.

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  • Retail: Running Zone
    2 / 12 Retail: Running Zone

    Open daily from 11am to 10pm, the retail section is divided into three parts: Running, Training and Biking. The Running Zone features shoes, tops, sports bras and bottoms from brands like Under Armour, Swiss running shoe On, Japanese compression wear C3fit, Denmark-founded Newline and Swiss-engineered Odlo.

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  • Retail: Running Zone
    3 / 12 Retail: Running Zone

    If you feel lost staring at these rows of shoes, don’t be. At TripleFit, members will enjoy a personalised shopping experience through the Fitness Personal Shopper Programme. Learn about the benefits of the different technologies within each apparel, how to choose the right compression gear, as well as how to select the perfect running shoes to match your training and running style. Even if you’re just browsing, the staff are happy to guide you.

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  • Retail: Training Zone
    4 / 12 Retail: Training Zone

    Gym bunnies, this is your arena. Everything you need for yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning, circuit training and any group fitness class is available here. Besides Under Armour, check out Every Second Counts, a British brand that produces workout clothes in good-quality fabrics and feminine designs.

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  • Retail: Biking Zone
    5 / 12 Retail: Biking Zone

    Cyclists, you are not forgotten. This section stocks exclusive bike jerseys, bike shorts and bib shorts from Swiss-engineered Odlo and military-standard Newline. If you cycle frequently, it’s important to be decked out appropriately.

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  • Retail: Tech Zone
    6 / 12 Retail: Tech Zone

    The Tech Zone is a stand-alone store selling the latest wearable tech from Polar, Fitbit, Harman and JBL. At TripleFit, the high-intensity group classes will incorporate the use of Polar fitness trackers, so that the coach is able to monitor everyone’s heart rate, and ensure that training is safe and optimised to meet their goals.

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  • East Wing: HIIT Rig
    7 / 12 East Wing: HIIT Rig

    Practise doing monkey bars and calisthenics in this area, specially designed for obstacle race training. Slam balls and kettlebells are also available for weight training. If you prefer guidance, join the strength classes like Apocalypse, Lift and Tabata.

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  • East Wing: Enduro Alley
    8 / 12 East Wing: Enduro Alley

    As the name suggests, this is where you train endurance. There are no treadmills in TripleFit, just badass machines you’ve probably not used before, like rowing machines, air bikes and ski ergs, as well as tools like jump ropes, sleds and a turf area. Endurance classes include EnduroFit, Athlean and MMA Fit.

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  • West Wing: Kickboxing Rig
    9 / 12 West Wing: Kickboxing Rig

    A great way to unwind and unleash inner angst, kickboxing improves endurance, coordination and strength, giving you a full-body workout through liberating kicking and punching combinations. Sign up for the Cardio Kickboxing class here.

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  • East Wing: Studio
    10 / 12 East Wing: Studio

    This is where studio workouts like Pound, Piloxing and Zuu take place. Various types of yoga like Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa are available. Check out the list of classes here.

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  • Retail: The Cafe By Hic Juice
    11 / 12 Retail: The Cafe By Hic Juice

    Famished after a workout? Healthy food is on hand. Head to the bright red kiosk near the TripleFit Entrance to fuel up with wholesome blends of Hic Juice. Meal options are also available, in the form of Korean-style lunchboxes from Dosirak.

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  • TripleFit Reception
    12 / 12 TripleFit Reception

    Ready to sweat up a storm? Grab some towels at the reception and join one of the group fitness classes. They are broadly classified into three categories: balance, endurance and strength. Balance classes include yoga and calisthenics which are lower in impact and intensity; endurance classes train both your cardio and muscular endurance (think bootcamp styles); strength classes work on boosting muscle definition. Expect many variations of HIIT workouts to challenge you!

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