What To Do Differently If You’re Working Out But Not Seeing Results

FITNESS  |  April 24, 2017
  • 1. Get more snooze time
    1 / 6 1. Get more snooze time

    Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

    When you’re sleep deprived, your hormones that control your appetite get messed up, causing the urge to snack more often than you should. Not sleeping enough can also slow down your metabolism and render you too tired to even hit the gym. Try sticking to a consistent bedtime schedule by introducing a before-bed ritual like burning a candle. 

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  • 2. Make small but important changes to your workout routine
    2 / 6 2. Make small but important changes to your workout routine

    Photo: Scott Webb/pexels.com

    It’s the small things that count. Try making changes like running uphill on your treadmill, or extending the period of time of your thick rope training. Make the change one at a time, as you wouldn’t want the extra load to backfire into an injury or severe exhaustion. 


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  • 3. Avoid pre-packaged foods
    3 / 6 3. Avoid pre-packaged foods

    Photo: Tookapic/pexels.com

    You can exercise everyday but if your diet’s not right, nothing’s going to change on the scale. By binge eating on pre-packaged foods just because you think you deserve it after a long day at the gym, all that processed and sugar loaded stuff will only hinder your progress. Instead, include lean proteins and tons of vegetables in your diet. 


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  • 4. Try something new
    4 / 6 4. Try something new

    Photo: Dom J/pexels.com

    Routine workouts can turn into a stagnant performance after a while. When your body gets used to the same old workouts and lifts, it doesn’t push itself to keep up but rather transform into adaption instead. Every workout should feel like a challenge so to do so, force yourself to step out of that comfort zone and try something completely different. You could be surprised at what your body is able to accomplish there and then.

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  • 5. Take active recovery days
    5 / 6 5. Take active recovery days

    Photo: Unsplash/pexels.com

    Remember to give yourself a break for your muscles to recover fully. With active recovery days, your body can still exercise and recuperate at the same time through a yoga class or a long walk by the beach. Calories will definitely be lost as compared to taking rest days on your couch while watching Netflix. 


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  • 6. Watch out for portion sizes
    6 / 6 6. Watch out for portion sizes

    Photo: Kaboompics//Karolina/pexels.com

    This usually happens when you eat out at a restaurant. The portion sizes can get out of hand without you realising that in an attempt not to waste food or money, your body will be consuming more than it should be. So do be selective of what you order the next time you head out for lunch. 


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