7 Tips For Women Doing Yoga For The First Time

by Divyata Raut
FITNESS  |  June 22, 2018
  • Find a yoga spot
    1 / 7 Find a yoga spot

    If you are exploring yoga at home, choose a spacious location that lets you stretch freely. Limiting your movement in a room filled with furniture prevents you from gaining the full benefit of the poses. Alternatively, take your time to decide on a group yoga class as feeling at peace with the location sets the right mood for your practice.

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  • What do you want to get out of yoga?
    2 / 7 What do you want to get out of yoga?

    Ask yourself why you have chosen to embark on this physical and spiritual journey. Signing up for yoga classes on a whim might cause this short-lived excitement to fade away quickly. To sustain your interest in yoga, remind yourself about its health, weight loss or well-being benefits.

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  • Address your injuries before yoga class
    3 / 7 Address your injuries before yoga class

    Although yoga is a healing exercise, do not ignore your injuries or health conditions. Wincing through your pain during class might exacerbate your condition and worsen your pain. Let your instructor know about your pain so that he or she can modify the pose to cater to your limits.

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  • Do not be intimidated in yoga class
    4 / 7 Do not be intimidated in yoga class

    Yoga is a progressive practice, so do not lose hope when you see the impressive poses that other experienced yogis can hold. All yogis will agree that they have come a long way from their first yoga class. Do your personal best by listening to your body and understanding what it is capable of at that moment.

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  • Wear fitted clothes during yoga
    5 / 7 Wear fitted clothes during yoga

    Adjusting baggy clothes when they start falling over your head prevents you from enjoying the class. Keep your clothes out of the way and shop for fitted tops and leggings with breathable material. Another great excuse to go shopping!

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  • Sit in the middle of the yoga class
    6 / 7 Sit in the middle of the yoga class

    Is it your first yoga class? Book a mat in the centre of the room. Sitting in the back of the room obstructs your view of the instructor. Your instructor will also be unable to see your mistakes to correct them. Similarly, sitting in the extreme front means continually having to crane your neck to see what your instructor is doing.

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  • Practise yoga regularly
    7 / 7 Practise yoga regularly

    Doing yoga three to four times a week is most beneficial for physical and mental health, so start hitting the yoga mat at home too. Starting each day with just 10 minutes of basic stretching puts you on the right track for a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it kickstarts your metabolism and activates your muscles for the day ahead.

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