Is Your Body Fit For Running? Do These 5 Exercises to Find Out

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  April 14, 2019
  • Is your body fit for running?
    1 / 6 Is your body fit for running?

    Reality check: Good runners don’t just run. A good part of their training is spent on muscle conditioning. “One needs to build up different muscle groups in order to become a speedier and more efficient runner,” says Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis.

    We’re talking about your upper back, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and ankles. If any of these are weak, your overall performance will be affected. Try these exercise tests designed by Marie to find out how strong – or weak – your muscles are. No tools required!


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  • Test your: Quads
    2 / 6 Test your: Quads

    Stand against the wall with feet shoulder-width apart. Get into sitting position with thighs parallel to ground and weight on heels.

    Your quads are weak if… you struggle to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

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  • Test your: Core
    3 / 6 Test your: Core

    Get into plank position on the mat with tightened core and elbows on the ground. Hips should be aligned with shoulders.

    Your core is weak if… you struggle to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

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  • Test your: Glutes
    4 / 6 Test your: Glutes

    Facing full-length mirror, stand with feet wide apart. Squat as low as you can, hands balled in front of the chest. Do five squats and observe your heels and knees.

    Your glutes are weak if… your heels raise, or if your knees buckle inwards or point outwards as you squat. (Learn the right way to do squat exercises!)

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  • Test your: Ankles
    5 / 6 Test your: Ankles

    With hands on hips, stand on left leg and bend right knee at 90 degrees towards chest. Keep core tightened. Hold for as long as you can, then switch sides.

    Your ankles are weak if… you struggle to hold this pose for 20 seconds on each side.

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  • Test your: Hamstrings
    6 / 6 Test your: Hamstrings

    Sit upright on the mat with toes flexed. Straighten arms and reach forward as far as you can.

    Your hamstrings are weak if… you can barely touch your shins.

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