Where to Go For Stretch Classes in Singapore

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  June 26, 2017
  • Stretching is in
    1 / 9 Stretching is in

    Slow. Boring. Painful.

    Those are the common grouses when it comes to stretching.

    If you’ve been doing stretching exercises regularly, good for you. If not, read on: You are in great need of a stretch.

    During exercise, your muscles contract repeatedly – whether you’re spinning, lifting weights or doing ab exercises – to perform the required movements. Afterwards, they are naturally in a tighter and shorter state.

    “Stretching them will help relieve tension and elongate the muscles back to their normal length or beyond,” says Bong Asuncion, training manager at Amore Fitness.

    Anabel Chew, co-founder of WeBarre adds: “Stretching is just as important as the workout itself. It increases your mobility and flexibility, enabling you to perform better. It also improves posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position.

    “For example, after spending a lot of time in front of computers, many of us have tight chest muscles that pull the head and shoulders forward, leaving us with a hunched look. Over time, your body is thrown out of alignment, creating muscular imbalances and poor posture.”

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  • Whether or not you exercise, you need to stretch
    2 / 9 Whether or not you exercise, you need to stretch

    Exercise isn’t the only source of tight muscles. Daily activities such as sitting, slouching and being in a certain posture for prolonged periods cause muscles to stiffen up as well.

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    The American College of Sports Medicine recommends doing flexibility exercises at least two days in a week; those with stiff muscles should stretch daily.

    With the growing spotlight on health and fitness, savvy gyms and studios in Singapore have started to offer stretch-based classes to complement exercise routines as well as empower the deskbound.

    WeBarre, for instance, started a Stretch & Technique class that incorporates floor barre movements and deep, active stretching. At Triplefit in Millenia Walk, its ReGen class, which covers foam rolling and stretching, has been so well-received, the gym decided to open up more slots.

    Triplefit coach Zack Sakuwan says: “Foam rolling before stretching helps to release tension in the fascia [the tissue that wraps around our muscles], so it will be much easier to stretch the muscles after that.”

    Another guaranteed perk of stretching: You’ll look taller and leaner instantly.

    “When muscles are lengthened, your posture tends to improve and this gives the illusion of a better physique,” says Bong.

    Ready? Here are seven group classes to get you rolling.

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  • Yoga+ – Stretch, 60 minutes
    3 / 9 Yoga+ – Stretch, 60 minutes


    28A Pagoda Street and 36B Arab Street, tel: 9114-1639

    This restorative yoga class is a perfect complement to high-impact and high-intensity workouts. Here, you will stretch deep connective tissues with a quiet mind. Poses are held for an extended period of time with minimal muscle engagement. Props may be used to help you go further into the stretch.

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  • WeBarre – Stretch & Technique, 60 minutes
    4 / 9 WeBarre – Stretch & Technique, 60 minutes


    86B Tanjong Pagar Road (Level 3), tel: 6221 5539; 5A Stanley Street (Level 2), tel: 6221-9256

    Inspired by floor barre exercises, this class is designed to stretch your tightest muscles – such as the hips, lower back and shoulders – through deep active stretches, while working out your whole body through classic barre movements. The instructor may assist you, and even include occasional partner work to help you stretch deeper.

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  • Amore Fitness – Stretchfit, 60 minutes
    5 / 9 Amore Fitness – Stretchfit, 60 minutes


    10 outlets islandwide

    A well-loved class at Amore Fitness, Stretchfit combines dynamic stretching exercises and breathing techniques to make you stronger as well as more flexible. The moves will stretch your innermost muscles and require you to activate others to balance yourself.

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  • Pure Yoga – Yoga for Runners, 60 minutes
    6 / 9 Pure Yoga – Yoga for Runners, 60 minutes


    Chevron House (Level 4), tel: 6304-2268; #06-02 Asia Square Tower 2, tel: 6100-8866; Ngee Ann City (Tower A, Level 18), tel: 6733-8863

    Created with the runner in mind, this class focuses on stretching typically stiff areas, including the hamstrings, IT band and hips. The poses and sequences will also strengthen the core and upper body. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Yoga experience is not required in this class.

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  • Triplefit – Regen, 35 minutes
    7 / 9 Triplefit – Regen, 35 minutes


    #02-63 Millenia Walk, tel: 6255-5064

    Using tools such as stretch bands, foam rollers, and massage balls, the session focuses on increasing blood flow, reducing muscle soreness and improving range of motion in specific areas. For instance, the neck and shoulders or hips and ankles. The trainer will give a brief introduction on the targeted muscles, teach you self-myofascial release plus breathing techniques, and then guide you through relevant stretching and mobility exercises.

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  • Virgin Active – Stretch and Roll, 30 minutes
    8 / 9 Virgin Active – Stretch and Roll, 30 minutes


    One Raffles Place Tower 2 (Level 6); tel: 6908-7878; #06-01 Tanjong Pagar Centre, tel: 6908-8920

    Learn how to correctly use foam rollers to relieve pain and tension, as well as engage muscles to build strength. Foam rolling, which loosens rigid muscles and keeps fascia (connective tissue) loose, helps to increase flexibility and range of motion. It’s also useful for nursing sports-related injuries, like iliotibial band syndrome and runner’s knee.

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  • True Fitness and True Yoga – Yoga Stretch, 60 minutes
    9 / 9 True Fitness and True Yoga – Yoga Stretch, 60 minutes


    Nine outlets islandwide

    Stretch and strengthen your whole body by doing low-impact yoga poses that improve overall flexibility and balance. You might break into a sweat as you hold those poses for a longer time than usual.

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