Singapore’s Best Lunchtime Workout Classes For Busy Office Workers

by Estelle Low & Peh Yi Wen
FITNESS  |  May 18, 2018
  • Lunchtime workouts are the way to go
    1 / 14 Lunchtime workouts are the way to go

    The benefits of lunchtime workouts are well proven: Instead of heading back to office sluggish and depressed, you’re on a high, riding on the post-exercise endorphins that make you feel ready to take on the rest of the day. Your energy levels are soaring. You feel like a warrior, even if your body’s a bit sore. Your heart rate is more relaxed than ever, and you find yourself working twice as fast. Suddenly, you’re unbeatable.

    Exaggeration? Not quite. Try doing a lunchtime workout and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

    And if you need recommendations, here are the fitness classes on our hit list. They range from 20 to 45 minutes, leaving you time to wash up and grab a quick bite. We can’t promise it will be easy, but the after-effects are so worth it!

    Photo: Boom Singapore

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  • Lunch Beats, 45min
    2 / 14 Lunch Beats, 45min

    Where: Absolute You, Level 2, Peranakan Place and Absolute Cycle, Level 2, Downtown Gallery

    Once you clip on to their stationary bikes, prepare to burn up to 800 calories as you pedal to heart-pumping music in this New York-style rhythm cycling class. It’s not just a cardio workout and you won’t just be on your bum the entire time – expect to rock your hips and sway your shoulders to work your upper body, core and lower body as you ride to the beat.

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    Photo: Absolute You

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  • BoomBox, 45min
    3 / 14 BoomBox, 45min

    Where: Boom Singapore, Basement 1, TPI Building

    Learn to box like a pro in the Boom Room, which has an atmosphere similar to a spin studio – you know, the thumping beats and funky lights. By mixing in functional training elements in between rounds of jabs, hooks and uppercuts, you’re guaranteed a full-body workout with a balance between strength and cardio. And if you had a tough morning, this class is great as a mid-day stress reliever too.

    Photo: Boom Singapore

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  • MuayHIIT, 45min
    4 / 14 MuayHIIT, 45min

    Where: Neue Fit, #02-07, Kallang Wave Mall

    Not your typical HIIT session, this hybrid workout will have you practising Muay Thai techniques like jabs and round kicks while mixing in random intervals of push-ups, lunges and the like. You won’t even need shoes for this class since you’ll be on the mats the entire time.

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    Photo: Neue Fit

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  • BarreAmped Express Mixed, 45min
    5 / 14 BarreAmped Express Mixed, 45min

    Where: Barre2Barre, 42a Hong Kong Street

    At this boutique barre studio, posture is highly emphasised so you’ll be sure of doing the moves correctly. Combining principles of dance, yoga and pilates, barre makes you feel graceful and strong at once. Prepare to work your core, butt and thighs a lot in this beginner-friendly class.

    Photo: Barre2Barre

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  • Circuit Training, 29min
    6 / 14 Circuit Training, 29min

    Where: Contours Express, Nine outlets islandwide

    The circuit training class comprises 16 stations that focus on cardio and strength training, promising to target your whole body. The best part: There’s no need to follow a fixed schedule. Pop in any time from 6am to 11pm for circuit training. Coaches are around most of the time to guide you through the session, as well as track your progress.

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  • RealRyder, 45min
    7 / 14 RealRyder, 45min

    Where: Pure Fitness, Level 4, Ocean Financial Centre

    Using special bikes that can be tilted to the left or right, you will be able to move across three planes of motion while spinning. Your core will have to work harder than usual as the instructor incorporates left-right movements to the beat of the songs. You’re required to pedal while standing up too. Those 45 minutes will fly by very quickly. Tops and bottoms are provided at the gym.

    Photo: Pure Fitness

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  • High-intensity Interval Training, 20min
    8 / 14 High-intensity Interval Training, 20min

    Where: Ritual, Raffles Place, Holland Village and Robinson Road

    This is the shortest workout so far, designed for you to be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. You don’t even need to bring sports shoes: The exercises are done barefoot on the shock-absorbent floor. Tops and bottoms and provided. Just get ready to work up a sweat in those intense 20 minutes of cardio and strength training exercises. Each class is limited to 10 pax, with a student-instructor ratio of 5:1.

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    Photo: Ritual

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  • Calisthenics, 35min
    9 / 14 Calisthenics, 35min

    Where: TripleFit, #02-63, Millenia Walk

    Learn to do proper push-ups, pull-ups and even handstands in this technical class, which focuses on body control, form and strength training using compound bodyweight exercises. You will get stronger and improve balance. This class is a great complement to other sports like dance, yoga and martial arts.

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    Photo: TripleFit

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  • HIIT Yoga, 30min
    10 / 14 HIIT Yoga, 30min

    Where: Trium Fitness, #03-01/02, Aperia Mall

    Who says yoga is slow? You’ll run out of breath doing yoga poses in a high-intensity interval training style. Cardio moves are incorporated too.

    Photo: Trium Fitness

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  • Grit Strength, 30min
    11 / 14 Grit Strength, 30min

    Where: True Fitness, Eight gyms islandwide

    Do high-intensity interval training exercises using free weights and your body weight to target major muscle groups. This Les Mills programme is done to uplifting music so you’ll be motivated to go harder and faster.

    Photo: True Fitness

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  • Ankorr, 20min
    12 / 14 Ankorr, 20min

    Where: Virgin Active, Level 6, Tower 2, One Raffles Place

    Not for the faint-hearted, this class is designed for intermediate to advanced levels. Wearing a harness to increase resistance, you will do primal pattern movements that will challenge your strength, endurance and mobility. Expect to blast up to 500 calories here.

    Photo: Virgin Active

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  • Strength Training, 20min
    13 / 14 Strength Training, 20min

    Where: Vision Gym, #01-01, 146 Robinson Road

    To maximise your lunchtime workout, try training with electrical muscle stimulation. That involves wearing a suit with built-in electrode pads that deliver currents to make your muscles contract while you exercise. Those electric currents are low-level, so they may be uncomfortable but not painful. The more muscle fibres you recruit, the more calories you burn. Don’t be surprised if you feel sore all over after the first session! Read about our experience here.

    Photo: Vision Gym

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  • X-Blast, 30min
    14 / 14 X-Blast, 30min

    Where: Fitness First, #04-02, Bugis Junction

    Get whipped into shape in this high-intensity interval training class that combines cardio and strength training using the latest elliptical machines and weights such as power blocks.

    Photo: Fitness First

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