This is How Running Can Improve Your Complexion

FITNESS  |  May 31, 2017
  • 1. Running gives skin a glow
    1 / 4 1. Running gives skin a glow

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    When we exercise, the boost in circulation of oxygen and blood transports more nutrients to our skin. This gives our face instant radiance.

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  • 2. Running clears up skin
    2 / 4 2. Running clears up skin

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    The increased blood flow helps skin cells regenerate and eliminate toxins better. This also reduces pore blockage, which is what sets the stage for acne.

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  • 3. Running reduces inflammation
    3 / 4 3. Running reduces inflammation

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    Exercise lowers the levels of stress hormone cortisol, which is what causes or worsens skin inflammation. When you run, you reduce stress and in turn prevent more skin damage.

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  • 4. Running reduces dark eye circles
    4 / 4 4. Running reduces dark eye circles

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    Running allows us to have more restful sleep, and proper shut-eye helps reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

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