10 Hiking Equipment & Essentials You Can Buy in Singapore

by Carissa Wong
FITNESS  |  September 16, 2020
  • Elevate your hiking experience with these must-have equipment.
    1 / 11 Elevate your hiking experience with these must-have equipment.

    Whether you’re planning to tackle an easy trail or a challenging one, these useful hiking essentials will help you enjoy the outdoors safely while you’re out there strengthening your glutes and core with every stride.

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  • Hiking pants (from $45)
    2 / 11 Hiking pants (from $45)

    Many people throw on sports shorts or leggings when they go on hikes. While that works fine, wearing proper hiking pants has many added benefits. You won’t have to worry about hiking in the rain as they are waterproof, and the thicker material adds a layer of protection to keep your legs unscathed and unscratched from any thorny shrubs.

    Where to buy: The North Face

    Photo: Carissa Wong

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  • Kalenji Women's Breathable Running Briefs ($7)
    3 / 11 Kalenji Women's Breathable Running Briefs ($7)

    Comfort starts from layer one. Made with moisture-wicking material, this absorbent pair will keep you dry throughout your hike. It’s also super stretchable and odour-repellent.

    Where to buy: Decathlon

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    Photo: Decathlon

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  • Medium Arpenaz 100 Hiking Socks ($4.90)
    4 / 11 Medium Arpenaz 100 Hiking Socks ($4.90)

    Hiking socks are as important as a good pair of hiking shoes. Compared to regular socks, these are made of a thicker material to provide extra comfort and support while preventing blisters and any unwanted smells, so your feet will feel fresh all day.

    Where to buy: Decathlon

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    Photo: Decathlon

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  • Leki Wanderfreund Black Carbon with Speed Lock 2 ($269)
    5 / 11 Leki Wanderfreund Black Carbon with Speed Lock 2 ($269)

    Trekking poles are extremely helpful for extra support and stability, especially when going downhill or tackling tougher trails like MacRitchie, where the ground can be rocky and uneven.

    Where to buy: Lazada

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    Photo: Lazada

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  • Sea To Summit Self Inflating Delta V Deluxe Seat ($39.90)
    6 / 11 Sea To Summit Self Inflating Delta V Deluxe Seat ($39.90)

    Add a luxe touch to your hikes with inflatable seat cushions. They are extremely portable and provide thicker cushioning than a typical picnic mat when it’s time to take a break and soak up the beautiful scenery.

    Where to buy: Boarding Gate

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    Photo: Seager

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  • Dynamo 100 Wind-Up Torch ($9.90)
    7 / 11 Dynamo 100 Wind-Up Torch ($9.90)

    If you’re a fan of early morning or night hikes, you know how indispensable a torchlight is for safety and navigation. This compact torch can be charged on-the-go by winding it up mechanically. No batteries needed!

    Where to buy: Decathlon

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    Photo: Decathlon

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  • Osprey Hydraulics Lt 2.5L Reservoir ($53)
    8 / 11 Osprey Hydraulics Lt 2.5L Reservoir ($53)

    Most water bottles hold 500 millilitres to a litre of water, but water bags hold up to three. Plus, they sit still on your back without swinging around to hinder your hike. And unlike a large bulky water bottle, you can roll it up and conveniently stash it away in your bag.

    Where to buy: The Planet Traveller

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    Photo: Seager

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  • 100Plus Active Isotonic Powder ($3.50 for 5 sachets)
    9 / 11 100Plus Active Isotonic Powder ($3.50 for 5 sachets)

    Don’t underestimate the importance of hydration, especially when you’re outdoors. Even mild dehydration is enough to cause dizzy spells and headaches. Besides keeping up your water supply, it’s a good idea to have these 100Plus Active Isotonic Powder sachets handy. Each sachet contains essential vitamins B3, B6 and B12, as well as electrolytes to replenish the fluids and energy you lose. To consume, simply pour the powder (15g per sachet) into a serving of water, then stir or shake to dissolve it. We like how the slim pack ensures the easy transfer of powder into bottle spouts.

    Where to buy: Major supermarkets

    Photo: F&N Foods

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  • Osprey Ultralight Drysack 12L ($27.90)
    10 / 11 Osprey Ultralight Drysack 12L ($27.90)

    A waterproof foldable bag will come in handy to protect your clothes and food under wet conditions. It comes in a variety of bright colours, making it visible under dark lighting and its soft, unstructured shape makes it super spacious.

    Where to buy: The Planet Traveller

    Photo: Seager

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  • Columbia Essential Explorer 20L ($99)
    11 / 11 Columbia Essential Explorer 20L ($99)

    While your favourite backpack can be used, it is worth investing in a proper bag if you hike regularly. The roll-top closure on this bag provides easy access, while the chest strap and removable hip belt will keep it fastened securely on your back, no matter how heavy it might be.

    Where to buy: Columbia

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    Photo: Columbia

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