The Best Workouts For Your Zodiac Sign

FITNESS  |  January 09, 2020
  • Can’t decide which workout to try? Let your star sign guide you.
    1 / 13 Can’t decide which workout to try? Let your star sign guide you.

    With scores of sweat-spirational sporting activities to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to find a fitness routine that actually sticks. With the help of cosmic alchemist and astrology guru Eloise Meskanen, we’ve uncovered the zodiac-approved workout to help you love exercise and reach your fitness goals in 2020.


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  • Aries: HIIT
    2 / 13 Aries: HIIT

    Aries are bold, impatient and super-competitive, so naturally, you’ll love a challenge where you can win first place. You get fired up quickly and burn out just as fast, so you need short bursts of intense exercise to stay in top shape.

    HIIT classes are ideal for short-fused Aries types. By the time you begin to feel bored of one exercise, it’ll be time to move on to the next!

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  • Taurus: Running
    3 / 13 Taurus: Running

    Taureans are sensual and earthy, and love simple, practical exercise, preferably somewhere in nature. Endurance exercise is great for a Bull – you can take a while to warm up, but once you get going, you’re hard to stop!

    Training for a marathon is the perfect practical exercise program for an outdoorsy Taurean. Never trained for a full marathon before? Start by working yourself up to running 5km or 10km – with persistence and the right footwear (not to mention these solid tunes), you’ll be surprised how quickly you get there.

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  • Gemini: Tennis
    4 / 13 Gemini: Tennis

    Geminis are restless and curious, and you may find that you need lots of variety to keep your attention for a whole workout session. You love a good chit-chat, so exercising with a friend, or being in a mentally stimulating environment, is perfect for a Twins type.

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    If there’s anything we’ve learnt from our favourite tennis champs, it’s that tennis is both a mental and physical game. Make things social by teaming up with a friend for a doubles match, or play a pal in a more challenging one-on-one rally.

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  • Cancer: Swimming
    5 / 13 Cancer: Swimming

    Cancerians are sensitive souls, who need good food and love to be near the water. A perfect routine for a Crab would involve rhythmic, aquatic exercise followed by a tasty, nourishing snack.

    Ocean swims are not only made for Instagram double-taps, but a mind-clearing dip in the sea can tone your torso at the same time. Hit up your favourite beach so you can have beachside breaky post-paddle.

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  • Leo: Pole-dancing
    6 / 13 Leo: Pole-dancing

    Leos love to have fun, and why should exercise be any different? It’s all about finding a workout where you can express your creative flair, and throw yourself into a performance.

    Hey, Leo – ever tried a pole-dancing class? Not only does pole-dancing give you a butt-tightening core and cardio workout, but it also strengthens your back and flexibility. Plus, many pole-dancing studios offer performance nights, so you can show off the acrobatic skills you’ve learnt.

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  • Virgo: Yoga or Pilates
    7 / 13 Virgo: Yoga or Pilates

    Virgos tend to be detail-oriented creatures. That said, something that fosters a mind-body connection like yoga or pilates would be great for Virgos.

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    Not only do yoga and pilates encourage you to pay attention to your breath, you’re also forced to focus and be aware of your posture while at it.

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  • Libra: Barre
    8 / 13 Libra: Barre

    Librans are always searching for balance, so for you, it’s time to get zen with elegant stretching and strengthening exercises that will simultaneously enhance your natural beauty without getting too sweaty or messy.

    Barre classes tick all the stretching and strengthening boxes for the low-fi Libran. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a simple workout; do this class and you’ll find yourself (possibly painfully) pulsing your way to a pert butt in no time!

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  • Scorpio: Outdoor boot camp or Muay Thai
    9 / 13 Scorpio: Outdoor boot camp or Muay Thai

    Scorpio is the most intense type of all, so it’s fair to say that ‘Go hard or go home!’ is your motto of choice. You thrive in a boot camp environment, where you have to dig deep and get ruthless about your results.

    Early-morning boot camps will challenge every atom of a fitness-loving Scorpio. Yearn for the ultimate muscle burn? Try a three-times-a-week outdoor group class or six-week Muay Thai program.

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  • Sagittarius: Hiking
    10 / 13 Sagittarius: Hiking

    Saggs love exploring the great outdoors, and need a workout for the mind, body and spirit. A long hike through the wilderness is great for your hips and thighs, and will expand your heart and soul at the same time.

    Regular bush walks or coastal hikes are as good for the soul as they are for your body. Top tip: don’t adventure solo – always have a walking companion in case someone gets lost or hurt along the way.

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  • Capricorn: Boxing
    11 / 13 Capricorn: Boxing

    Capricorns are serious and ambitious sorts, who’ll delay gratification to get what they want in the long-term. In terms of getting fit, you’ll need a tough plan you can work hard to achieve, and take responsibility for making it happen.

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    Boxing is perfect for hard-working Capricorns; this high-cardio workout will not only challenge you fitness-wise, but remembering all the complicated combos will make an ambitious Capricorn strive to better their skillset/technique along the way.

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  • Aquarius: Spinning
    12 / 13 Aquarius: Spinning

    Aquarians are friendly, quirky and intelligent types, who like to be different and innovative. You need to know all the latest science behind your exercise routine, and love working out with a group of other people.

    Pump up the volume and put your pedal to the metal, Aquarians – you’re up for a spin class of sweat-inducing proportions. Spin tech keeps getting cooler so the gizmo-loving Aquarius type won’t have any trouble getting their gadget-y fitness fix.

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  • Pisces: Yin yoga
    13 / 13 Pisces: Yin yoga

    Pisces are dreamy, mystical types who find it hard to stick to a routine. You’re happiest with a gentle, grounding practice that elevates your physical and spiritual health, so you can stay present and connected in both realms.

    Yin yoga is made for ever-chill Piscean looking to boost their strength and flexibility without breaking a sweat. Trust us, your body, and mind, will thank you post-class.

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