Easy Yoga Poses For Stiff & Sedentary People

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  October 02, 2017
  • Office ladies, we're looking at you
    1 / 5 Office ladies, we're looking at you

    If you lead a sedentary lifestyle – spending long periods sitting in the office, watching TV, or taking long-haul flights – chances are your body is stiff and creaky.

    These beginner-friendly yoga poses, demonstrated by Suraya Sam, yoga instructor and co-founder of Strala Yoga Singapore, will stretch out your back, shoulders, hips, glutes and hamstrings, making you feel so relaxed after!

    This sequence takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Repeat for as many times as it feels good!

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  • 1. Downward Dog
    2 / 5 1. Downward Dog

    Works arms, shoulders, hamstrings and calves

    Get on all fours, with hands shoulder-width apart, slightly in front of shoulders, and knees directly under hips. Spreading fingers wide and pressing firmly into mat, lift knees off floor. Lengthen spine and lift butt towards ceiling as you straighten legs. Lower heels to mat. Keep head between upper arms [shown]. Hold for two minutes.

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  • 2. Low Lunge
    3 / 5 2. Low Lunge

    Works thighs, chest and arms

    From Downward Dog, bring one leg forward, stepping foot between hands. Knee should be aligned with ankle and toes should point forward. Lower left knee to mat and look ahead [top]. Sweep arms to sides and upwards as you lean back, lifting chest towards ceiling. You will feel your torso lengthening. Gaze up [bottom]. Hold for a minute. Return to Downward Dog; switch sides.

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  • 3. Warrior 2
    4 / 5 3. Warrior 2

    Works legs, chest and shoulders

    Stand at front of mat with toes pointing forward. Take a big step backwards with right leg. With left foot and knee still pointing forward, turn torso and right foot towards right. Raise arms to shoulder level, palms facing down and shoulders relaxed. Bend left knee till it is directly above ankle; adjust stance so left thigh is parallel to mat. Lengthen spine and keep shoulders directly over pelvis. Turn head towards left [shown]. Hold for a minute. Return to starting position; switch sides.

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  • 4. Extended Side Angle
    5 / 5 4. Extended Side Angle

    Works legs, chest, waist and shoulders

    From Warrior 2, shift weight to left leg, keeping toes grounded. Rest left forearm on left thigh to stabilise. Roll right hip slightly forward and rotate torso slightly backwards. Extend right arm towards ceiling so you feel a stretch along right side of torso. Gaze upwards [shown]. Hold for a minute. Switch sides.

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