Don’t Let These Excuses Stop You From Working Out

by Jillian See
FITNESS  |  August 24, 2018
  • Don’t let the negative voice in your head get the better of you.
    1 / 6 Don’t let the negative voice in your head get the better of you.

    Like it or not, your mind plays a pivotal role in making sure you get your workouts done. If postponing workouts has been as easy as hitting the snooze button for you, it’s time to use these solutions to get past the mental block, and finally get your sweat sesh done.


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  • "I'm too busy."
    2 / 6 "I'm too busy."

    Solution: Do your workout in the morning

    Skipping your workout seems like a no-brainer when you are strapped for time – except that it happens every other day. Schedule your exercise for first thing in the morning, so you have no reason to avoid it.

    In fact, the busier you are, the more you should make time for exercise, as it increases your productivity. According to a neurologist at Harvard Medical School, Dr Scott McGinnis, regular aerobic exercise improves memory and thinking.

    Not a fan of running? Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get your heart pumping in a jiffy. Turn to this 8-minute HIIT workout that’s perfect for beginners.

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  • "I haven’t worked out in a while..."
    3 / 6 "I haven’t worked out in a while..."

    Solution: Start now

    It can be hard to feel motivated to exercise again, especially when you were once super fit. But the truth is, there’s no better time to start than now. Go slow and steady by setting achievable and realistic goals every week.

    If you used to be able to run 10km in one hour, give yourself a doable timing, like 70 minutes, to complete the distance. If 10km is tough to start with, shorten the distance to 5km and build up from there.

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  • "I’m not improving."
    4 / 6 "I’m not improving."

    Solution: Be consistent

    When you are not seeing progress despite your efforts, do not be demoralised. Think carefully about what is stopping you from improving. Sometimes one or two missed trainings can disrupt your overall progress.

    If you have been training consistently, try switching up your routine. It could be that you hit a fitness plateau and your body needs variation in the workouts to be challenged. 

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  • "Working out is so painful."
    5 / 6 "Working out is so painful."

    Solution: Make your workouts enjoyable

    If you find no joy in pounding the pavement, don’t force it. Dreading your workouts will only make you unmotivated and dislike exercise more. There are many ways to keep fit, such as doing bodyweight exercises that will challenge both your strength and cardio fitness. Or check out these fun and novel fitness classes. Once you find an activity that is your cup of tea, and you will look forward to every session.

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  • "The weather is bad."
    6 / 6 "The weather is bad."

    Solution: Do indoor exercises

    You should not let a little rain or thunder stop you from working out. Be flexible by planning indoor workouts during wet or unpredictable weather. They could be gym classes or Youtube workouts that you can easily do at home. To get into the mood, play some heart-pumping music for motivation.

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