Tried and Tested: The Best Yoga Classes in Singapore

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  August 20, 2018
  • From the calming to the challenging, we've got your yoga styles covered.
    1 / 7 From the calming to the challenging, we've got your yoga styles covered.

    The yoga business is booming. We’ve lost count of the number of new studio openings in Singapore.

    One thing’s for sure: The appeal of yoga is still strong. A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine found yoga to be one of the top fitness trends in 2017. As if you need an introduction, yoga is a mind-body practice that boosts your mental wellbeing on top of being a full-body workout.

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    With so many options out there, how do you even get started? The Shape team and several yogis went around the island to try out yoga classes of various sorts: Hatha, iyengar, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, aerial

    Here are our top picks.

    Photo: True Yoga

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  • Alpha Balance – Yin & Restorative Yoga
    2 / 7 Alpha Balance – Yin & Restorative Yoga

    Most Relaxing Yoga Class

    What: A slow-paced yoga that involves mainly sitting and lying-down poses that are held for several minutes. Props like cushions, yoga blocks and therapy balls may be used.

    Our tester says: “My yoga teacher, Laurence, was very clear and detailed in her explanation, and gave many options to suit different needs. Her calming voice made me even more relaxed. This class is perfect for both newbies and experienced yogis.”

    Photo: Alpha Balance

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  • Como Shambhala – Power & Stretch
    3 / 7 Como Shambhala – Power & Stretch

    Best Alignment Yoga Class

    What: Spanning 75 minutes, the first half of this class features power yoga to build strength and stamina, while the next half consists of a gentle stretching sequence to calm down the nervous system. There’s a strong emphasis on alignment.

    Our tester says: “It helped that there were two instructors leading this class. One would lead the class, while the other went around to check our form and alignment. They were really adept at explaining the poses so everyone could understand how to do them properly.”

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    Photo: Como Shambhala

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  • Pure Yoga – Aerial Yoga 1
    4 / 7 Pure Yoga – Aerial Yoga 1

    Best Multi-Level Aerial Yoga Class

    What: Using the hammock to do yoga poses, less pressure is put on the joints and spine. This helps to build upper-body and core strength, as well as provide a medium for deep relaxation.

    Our tester says: “The inversions helped to lengthen and decompress my spine. I felt taller and an improvement in my posture right after.”

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    Photo: Pure Yoga

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  • Real Yoga – Advanced Yoga
    5 / 7 Real Yoga – Advanced Yoga

    Most Challenging Yoga Class

    What: This 120-minute class starts with breathing exercises, followed by sun salutations as well as standing, seated and inverted poses in a graceful sequence. A variety of challenging poses are weaved in, depending on the students’ abilities.

    Our tester says: “As an experienced yogi, I found the class rather challenging. I learnt how to do advanced poses like scorpion and splits, plus drop backs into the wheel pose. The teacher provided modified poses where necessary. A big plus: The studio uses Manduka mats, my gold standard for yoga mats!”

    Photo: Real Yoga

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  • The Yoga Co – Back to Basics
    6 / 7 The Yoga Co – Back to Basics

    Most Beginner-Friendly Yoga Class

    What: Set a strong foundation for your yoga practice by learning the right alignment of asanas and breathing techniques. This 60-minute class is suitable for both first-timers and advanced yogis seeking to improve their practice.

    Our tester says: “Using the breathing methods taught in this class, I could deepen my poses easily, and also felt much calmer than before!”

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    Photo: The Yoga Co

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  • True Yoga – Hot & Hip Therapy
    7 / 7 True Yoga – Hot & Hip Therapy

    Best Strength & Conditioning Yoga Class

    What Traditional hatha yoga in a 37-deg-C-heated room, paying special attention to poses that increase mobility and flexibility around the hip joints. This class is designed for those with hip stiffness and/or injuries.

    Our tester says “The heated studio loosened up my muscles quickly so I could go deeper into the poses. During this rehabilitative class, I got to try poses and variations I’d not done before.”

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    Photo: True Yoga

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