The Best Yoga Classes For Your Zodiac Sign

by Carissa Wong
FITNESS  |  November 19, 2018
  • See hundreds of readily available yoga classes but have no idea which to take? Try a class based on your horoscope.
    1 / 13 See hundreds of readily available yoga classes but have no idea which to take? Try a class based on your horoscope.

    With so many different styles of yoga, making a decision for your first class can be daunting. When in doubt, leave it to the stars. Here, we’ve matched different yoga classes to each horoscope, according to your characteristics and traits.

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  • Aries: Advanced
    2 / 13 Aries: Advanced

    The first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves taking on a challenge. Your boldness and ambition spur on your competitive streak, making you unafraid of the unknown. Advanced yoga is a great fit because it will push your limits by challenging the mind and body.

    Advanced classes will dare you to do deeper stretches, balances and strength-demanding poses. Splits, inversions, and balancing postures are the foundation of this tough class. It definitely poses a challenge, even to a regular practitioner.

    Where: Fitness First, One Raffles Quay #08-01

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  • Taurus: Restorative
    3 / 13 Taurus: Restorative

    Like the bull symbol, Taureans are strong and dependable. Your hardworking nature should be counteracted with a restorative class to calm the mind and soothe tight muscles. Restorative yoga is a class with simpler poses as the sequence is meant to recharge the body.

    Forward bends and side stretches done in class will help to undo every ounce of stress created during the day. It’s common to find people dozing off in class with the slow pace and soft music in the background.

    Where: Jal Yoga, 991 Alexandra Road #01-03A

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  •  Gemini: Yin
    4 / 13 Gemini: Yin

    Geminis are so busy that the star sign had to clone itself, so it’s recommended to balance your highly engaged lives with a slow practice. Yin yoga is a calming class that will bring you through six to eight long-held poses for an hour. It’s not about how much you can stretch, but about stretching more than you normally do.

    As you sink deeper into the poses, both your mind and muscles will loosen, allowing you to feel super centred – mentally and physically – as you draw focus to your breath with every stretch.

    Where: Freedom Yoga, 137 Cecil Street #12-01

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  • Cancer: Aerial
    5 / 13 Cancer: Aerial

    Sentimental Cancerians are compassionate and protective towards many, which can be draining to your mental health. To take some protection for yourselves, Cancerians should try the anti-gravity Aerial yoga to let go of anything that is holding you down. Your strong intuition will guide you fearlessly as you float in the air, before trying to execute poses while being embraced by the yoga swing.

    This fun form of yoga relies on balance and body weight. The poses will engage all your muscles to energise the mind and body, but doing the ending corpse pose wrapped in the yoga hammock will balance it out.

    Where: True Fitness, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-318/323

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  • Leo: Inversion/Hatha (2)
    6 / 13 Leo: Inversion/Hatha (2)

    Symbolised by the king of the jungle, the lion, Leos love embracing your royalty as you are usually vivacious, expressive and zealous. As you enjoy basking in the spotlight, fiery Leos will enjoy classes where people do challenging but beautiful poses. Inversion and Hatha 2 classes work on arm balances, where you can do fancy poses that look like art.

    Headstands, forearm stands, and handstands will work the whole body, specifically the arms, shoulders and back. These help Leos to achieve a more confident stance.

    Where: The Yoga Mandala, 134B Telok Ayer Street

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  • Virgo: Ashtanga
    7 / 13 Virgo: Ashtanga

    The logical, practical and systematic Virgos are perfect practitioners for Ashtanga yoga. This practice consists of the full primary and intermediate sequence and is meant to be practised daily. Perfectionists at heart, Virgos aren’t afraid to learn and improve through consistent practice.

    Repeating the sequence until it becomes engrained in their brains, Virgos can then work on smoother transitions, long holds, and floating to different poses.

    Where: True Yoga, Pacific Plaza #04-01

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  •  Libra: Yin & Yang
    8 / 13 Libra: Yin & Yang

    Libras are fixated on balance and harmony, and your attention to symmetry draws you to achieve an equilibrium in all aspects. Yin & Yang yoga is suitable for Libras because it combines both dark and bright energy to create sweat and a great corpse pose.

    The fast-paced intro of sun salutations warm up the body and just when it is getting tiring, it will be time to rest and stretch. This balance makes it a good workout and meditation practice that is not too intense.

    Where: The Yoga Co, 723 North Bridge Road

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  • Scorpio: Hot
    9 / 13 Scorpio: Hot

    Often misunderstood as a fire sign due to immense passion and power, Scorpio is actually a water sign. Hot classes give passionate Scorpios an outlet for your energy. The rooms are usually heated to about 40 degrees Celsius, allowing for muscle relaxation and deeper stretches. All types of classes are taught in the hot room.

    The heat makes the body release more sweat, letting go of whatever toxins in the body. Fire balances water, and whatever class it may be, being in the heated room will make Scorpios sweat it out, leaving class cooler and calmer.

    Where: Platinum Yoga, Suntec City #02-462/466

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  • Sagittarius: Traditional
    10 / 13 Sagittarius: Traditional

    Extroverted, optimistic and generous Sagittarians are always ready to learn. As traditional yoga classes are about the mental practice of yoga as much as the physical practice, it is perfect for Saggitarians. These classes focus on breath, meditation and physical practice, and simple yoga poses are done as the emphasis is placed more on the mind rather than motion.

    Through slow poses, Sagittarius will be able to dig deeper and connect with yourselves. Using older breathing methods and beliefs, you will be able to learn more about yoga’s history, yoga poses, and their own practice.

    Where: Real Yoga, Centrepoint #06-07

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  • Capricorn: Mysore
    11 / 13 Capricorn: Mysore

    Capricorns can navigate material and emotional realms well, making you sensitive and creative individuals. Your tenacious independence is a perfect match for Mysore, which takes on a format where you follow the Ashtanga series in a class, but in your own time and pace.

    You will form your own practice, transitions, and breath as you move with everyone in the class. Confidence will build as everyone progresses together with this daily practice.

    Where: Art of Yoga, 119/121 Upper East Coast Road, #02-01

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  • Aquarius: Vinyasa
    12 / 13 Aquarius: Vinyasa

    Even though it has ‘aqua’ in its name, Aquarius is, in fact, an air sign. Focusing on the breath of life, vinyasa is a practice for Aquarians. A practice that has a never-ending breath, you can flow through this class where each pose is dictated by an inhale or exhale.

    With the importance placed in breath by both the zodiac sign and the yoga practice, it is a compatible match. Move smoothly like water while paying attention to the breath instead of just the movements.

    Where: The Yoga School, OCBC Centre #39-01

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  • Pisces: Pranayama (Breathing)
    13 / 13 Pisces: Pranayama (Breathing)

    People in the last zodiac sign, Pisces, are always looking at both the real and the imaginary. After taking in all the lessons learnt by the other star signs, you are wise, artistic and empathetic. Pranayama classes will teach you the different breathing techniques that will connect with your mind and the universe around them.

    Breathing can calm or warm up the body, and can be sequenced for what you prefer. The mind and body will be one and you’ll be in control of breathing into every part of your body.

    Where: Pure Yoga, Suntec City #01-501

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