The Best Training Shoes in 2020 For HIIT and Gym Workouts

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  April 30, 2020
  • Sprinting, squatting, jumping or lifting? These trusty trainers will support you throughout.
    1 / 10 Sprinting, squatting, jumping or lifting? These trusty trainers will support you throughout.

    Can you wear running shoes for HIIT and gym workouts? Quick answer: To be safe, don’t. Generally, trainers and shoe experts (granted, some are marketeers too) recommend that you wear training shoes – instead of running shoes – if you’re planning to do a mix of exercises in one session, such as sprinting, squatting, jumping and lifting.

    So, what’s the difference between training and running shoes? Running shoes are built for single-directional movement (forward and backwards), while training shoes are designed with multi-directional movements in mind. Running shoes tend to have a greater heel-toe drop (to facilitate forward movement) than training shoes, which are designed to optimise ground contact for stability. Another case for training shoes: They come with reinforcements to protect or support parts of your feet that have increased ground contact during workouts, such as the toes and heels.

    Here, we’ve sussed out the training shoes that meet our criteria: snug and supportive fit, flexible midsoles, grippy outsoles and sufficient support for various types of exercises.

    Photo: Puma

    Product images are from the respective brands.

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  • Under Armour Hovr Apex ($219)
    2 / 10 Under Armour Hovr Apex ($219)

    Featuring Under Armour’s latest responsive foam cushioning Hovr, these shoes are designed to take you through agility runs, lateral hops and box jumps, with external heel counters and heel stabilisers to keep your feet locked in place.

    Available online and in Under Armour stores.

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  • Under Armour Tribase Reign 2 ($179)
    3 / 10 Under Armour Tribase Reign 2 ($179)

    A welcome upgrade of the Tribase Reign, these shoes come with a sleek bootie construction for a snugger fit. They also offer a wider midfoot region (great for those with bunions too), and improved heel-to-toe responsiveness.

    Available online and in Under Armour stores.

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  • Nike React Metcon AMP ($239)
    4 / 10 Nike React Metcon AMP ($239)

    No more fiddling with laces in these shoes that use a quick-pull lacing system, letting you make adjustments on the fly. The React foam provides lightweight responsive cushioning that’s good for box jumps, double unders and sprints, while the breathable Flyknit construction has reinforced zones for support and durability.

    Available online and in Nike Paragon store.

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  • Nike Air Zoom SuperRep ($199)
    5 / 10 Nike Air Zoom SuperRep ($199)

    The Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot will keep you energetic through to your last jump, and the wide heel and “brake pads” on the sides will help you stay stable during lateral bounds and lunges. Grooves in the soles provide grip during floor exercises like planks and mountain climbers.

    Available online and in Nike Jewel, VivoCity and Paragon stores.

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  • Puma Zone XT Women’s Training Shoes ($149)
    6 / 10 Puma Zone XT Women’s Training Shoes ($149)

    The rubber outsoles provide sufficient traction and durability for different types of training, from sprints to shuffles to weightlifting. The TPU (rubbery plastic) material on the uppers keep your feet comfortably locked down with every step, bend or twist.

    Available online and in Puma stores.

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  • Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Shoes ($150)
    7 / 10 Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Shoes ($150)

    These running shoes have stability features for cross training exercises. The mesh uppers have reinforcement zones to support multidirectional movement, and the heels give a wide, stable base for balancing and lateral movements.

    Available online.

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  • Reebok HIIT TR ($129)
    8 / 10 Reebok HIIT TR ($129)

    These HIIT-optimised shoes are sleek and have a low heel-toe drop for optimal ground contact. The outsoles have two different rubber configurations that let you do plyometric moves with better control.

    Available at Reebok Orchard Central and selected Royal Sporting House stores.

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  • Hoka One One Cavu 3 ($199)
    9 / 10 Hoka One One Cavu 3 ($199)

    You can take these versatile trainers for an outdoor run, a treadmill run, or lift weights in them. The stretchy knit uppers adapt to your feet and give a locked-in feel, while the comfy rocker bottoms add momentum to your runs and remain stable enough for gym work.

    Available in Running Lab & Liv Activ.

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  • On Cloud X ($219)
    10 / 10 On Cloud X ($219)

    These are technically running shoes, but they are so lightweight and flexible, we’d use them for HIIT and interval workouts as well. The soles are plush and springy – great for jumping exercises. Plus, the heel cups are lean and have inner cushioned pads to make sure the shoes stay in place when you’re doing explosive burpees, mountain climbers and jump lunges.

    Available in Running Lab & Liv Activ.

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