Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats for Sweaty Sessions

by Carissa Wong
FITNESS  |  April 09, 2020
  • Palms sliding during downward dog? That won’t happen with these non-slip yoga mats.
    1 / 8 Palms sliding during downward dog? That won’t happen with these non-slip yoga mats.

    There are tons of yoga mats out there, but not all are made equal. Cheaper, softer mats provide cushion and support, but they wear out easily. There are mats made specially for hot yoga but some of them are just too sticky. Then there are the in-between mats that claim to do both, but they’re too thin for stretching and not grippy enough for vinyasa flows.

    We’ve sieved (and slipped) through many mats to find the best ones. These non-slip yoga mats will provide sufficient grip for you to do anything from a downward dog to a handstand, while supporting you during your savasana.

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  • Manduka Eko Superlite Mat ($75)
    2 / 8 Manduka Eko Superlite Mat ($75)

    This natural mat is made of sustainably harvested tree rubber and customers love that it does not contain toxic chemicals. The naturally grippy rubber mat has a sealed cell surface that prevents moisture and bacteria from seeping into the mat.

    The small but mighty mat can be folded into an A4 size that makes it easy to travel with. It is thin, lightweight and easy to wipe down after a sweaty flow.

    Where to buy: Manduka

    Photo: Manduka

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  • Jade Yoga Travel Mat (USD64.95) ($88.18)
    3 / 8 Jade Yoga Travel Mat (USD64.95) ($88.18)

    Weighing in at about 1.4 kilograms, this travel mat is perfect for busy yogis who bring their mats all around town. Although its thickness is only one eighth of an inch, its eco-friendly rubber mats are super grippy and comfortable.

    It’s definitely great to note that it is made of a renewable resource and doesn’t contain PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubbers. For every mat sold, Jade Yoga plants a tree.

    Where to buy: Jade Yoga

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    Photo: Jade Yoga

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  •  Alo Yoga Warrior Mat (USD100) ($135.76)
    4 / 8 Alo Yoga Warrior Mat (USD100) ($135.76)

    Alo Yoga’s classic yoga mat is back and it’s better than ever. Now in four gorgeous colours (black, white, pink and green), the famous Warrior Mat has a glossy no-slip surface that wicks away sweat. No matter how wet your practice gets, moisture will be drawn away while you stay stable and cushioned on the mat.

    Alo Yoga is also an environmentally conscious brand that is sweatshop-free and eager to reduce their eco footprint. The Travel Mat is a thinner version of the Warrior Mat for those who prefer something lighter.

    Where to buy: Alo Yoga

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    Photo: Alo Yoga

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  • Liforme Yoga Mat (£100) (S$175.70)
    5 / 8 Liforme Yoga Mat (£100) (S$175.70)

    These mats are a cult favourite amongst yogis because of their design and material. The alignment markings were carefully designed to always ensure your limbs and body are aligned. You can attend sweaty vinyasa classes and hot yoga without a problem as their mats are made of super grippy eco-friendly natural rubber.

    The Liforme mats are larger than most mats, giving you extra space to move. They are available in blue, green, grey, pink and purple. You can also purchase special-edition designs such as the zodiac yoga mats at a premium price.

    Where to buy: Liforme

    Photo: Liforme

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  • Yoloha Yoga Chakras Native Cork Yoga Mat (169USD) (S$241.20)
    6 / 8 Yoloha Yoga Chakras Native Cork Yoga Mat (169USD) (S$241.20)

    If you’re looking to treat yourself to a gorgeous grippy mat, check out Yoloha Yoga’s cork mats. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they also have exceptional non-slip properties. You won’t need a towel even if you’re dripping with sweat because these mats are made of a blend of recycled cork and rubber to provide great grip.

    Their cork mats are lightweight, eco-conscious and easy to clean. Additionally, they are made without PVCs and harsh chemicals so there won’t be any funky smells when removed from the box.

    Where to buy: Yoloha Yoga

    Photo: Yoloha Yoga

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  • Jyan Yoga Studio Yoga Mat ($98)
    7 / 8 Jyan Yoga Studio Yoga Mat ($98)

    This anti-slip mat is perfect for super sweaty flows and people with sweaty palms. The floral alignment marks beautify the mat while assisting you in your practice. You’ll also have sufficient support with the 5mm-thick mat.

    For added motivation, there’s a “work in, work out” tagline to remind you to search within as you move. Available in six different colours, these mats are perfect for people who want something that is equally beautiful as it is functional.

    Where to buy: Jyan Yoga Studio

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    Photo: Jyan Yoga Studio

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  • Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm (HKD580) ($100.33)
    8 / 8 Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm (HKD580) ($100.33)

    With 12 beautiful colours (24 if you count the other side), everyone will be able to find a mat in their desired design.

    This reversible mat is bigger and thicker than most mats, which means you will have extra space, cushion and support. It’s made with natural rubber for good grip. It’s recommended that you air the mat after each use to help fade the smell.

    Where to buy: Lululemon

    Photo: Lululemon

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