7 Bad Running Habits That Are Slowing You Down

by Divyata Raut
FITNESS  |  June 18, 2018
  • Forgetting to stretch
    1 / 7 Forgetting to stretch

    Forgetting to stretch results in stiff muscles that might cause discomfort during your run. Stretch your legs, neck and back muscles to loosen up your muscles. Flexible muscles lower the chances of you straining yourself. They also increase your range of motion, helping you to take longer strides.

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  • Eating the wrong foods
    2 / 7 Eating the wrong foods

    Gearing up for a long run starts in the kitchen. Supplement your muscles with proper fuel by having complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat three to four hours before your run. If you only have 30 minutes to spare, a banana will push you through your workout. Remember that having processed snacks only sets you up for mid-run lethargy as sugar causes a short rise in energy levels, right before bringing it down to a sudden low.

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  • Looking down while running
    3 / 7 Looking down while running

    Lowering your gaze to the track, or your mobile phone, during your run obstructs your breathing process because pressing your neck against your chest cuts off some oxygen intake. You will find that you can breathe deeper when you look forward, rather than downwards. Ideally, look a few metres ahead of you and visualise yourself reaching those particular spots along the way for a successful run.

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  • Swinging your arms vigorously
    4 / 7 Swinging your arms vigorously

    Channel your energy towards taking consistent strides instead of swinging your arms vigorously. Using some arm strength to propel yourself forward is beneficial, but overdoing it might injure your back. Similarly, clenching your fists or jaw during your run uses up unnecessary energy that can otherwise be used to improve your run time.

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  • Wearing the wrong shoes
    5 / 7 Wearing the wrong shoes

    Wearing proper running shoes with ample cushioning is crucial to improve the quality of your run, as the pace and timing of your run is highly dependent on your feet’s comfort level. Look for breathable materials that provide optimum cushioning to your heel and midsoles upon impact with the ground.

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  • Having inadequate bust support
    6 / 7 Having inadequate bust support

    Not providing proper support to your bust might actually impede the quality of your runs. Invest in a good sports bra that reduces excess boob movement by holding them in place throughout your high-impact workouts. We all know how frustrating a bad sports bra can be — don’t let that get in the way!

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  • Not listening to music
    7 / 7 Not listening to music

    Going on silent runs is perfectly fine. But plugging in to some upbeat jams will help you go longer, stronger and faster. The enjoyment of listening to music takes your mind off the strain of the run. It also improves your mood as you jog along to the beat. Just be sure to choose songs with a bpm (beats per minute) range that matches your strides!

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