9 Totally Legit Thoughts Every Runner Has Before, During And After A Run

by Jillian See
FITNESS  |  November 03, 2017
  • Before a run
    1 / 12 Before a run

    The lead-up to a run ain’t easy. Stay on the couch or jog at the park? There’s no question that the latter takes so much more effort.

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  • Sleeeep
    2 / 12 Sleeeep

    When you actually get a day to sleep in, all you want to do is lay in bed and do nothing. Running is the last thing on your mind.

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  • Don’t feel like it
    3 / 12 Don’t feel like it

    Running comes with the feels. There are just days when it’s harder to pick up your shoes and go for a run. If you have friends that somehow manage to get you out of the house on these days, they are the best buddies to keep.

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  • During the run
    4 / 12 During the run

    Running is a journey of emotions. We cry, we smile, we cramp up. That’s the love-hate relationship that we have for running. We feel the worst kind of pain, but it definitely gives us a sense of accomplishment after.

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  • Are we there yet?
    5 / 12 Are we there yet?

    You just want to take it slow and steady so you can last the whole run. And wonder how long more before you get to eat.

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  • Starting to like it
    6 / 12 Starting to like it

    Your legs have warmed up, building up a momentum that drives you forward continuously. You even wish that this moment could last forever.

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  • Run the world
    7 / 12 Run the world

    You’re jamming along to your favourite songs and becoming the lead of your own music video. You’re running to the rhythm of the beat, and no one can stop you.

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  • Can't feel those legs
    8 / 12 Can't feel those legs

    At this stage, your muscles are starting to strain, tightening with each step. Then comes the numbness, you can’t control your legs. They’re not yours anymore.

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  • The final push
    9 / 12 The final push

    The end of the run is finally in sight. Despite your legs giving way, you just want to give it your all and finish like a champ.

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  • After the run
    10 / 12 After the run

    You’d never thought you could push yourself this far. But look where you are now, so proud and accomplished. And you wondered why you were whining just a while ago.

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  • Celebrate
    11 / 12 Celebrate

    Yay! The sense of accomplishment you feel after a run never gets old. Feels like you could go for another.

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  • FOOD
    12 / 12 FOOD

    Who doesn’t love food? An after-run treat seems like a great idea. Just make sure not to go all out on this meal or your efforts would just go to waste.

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