9 Quick Ways to Relieve Muscle Aches & Soreness

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  January 12, 2018
  • Muscle aches ain't gonna get you down
    1 / 10 Muscle aches ain't gonna get you down

    Love or hate ‘em, muscle aches are one of those inevitable effects of working out. If you’ve had them before, you’d know how they affect your range of movement as well as daily activities. For runners, you may experience sore quads that throb whenever you stand up and sit down. Or tight calves that make walking down the stairs seem like the hardest thing ever.

    Being in cold environments like air-conditioned rooms (or a chilly weather like now) doesn’t help. When your surrounding temperature is low, your blood circulation slows down, causing your tight muscles to stiffen up even more. Yikes.

    Honestly, it sucks to be a block – even more so when you’ve many fitness activities lined up. Try these easy remedies to reduce muscle aches and soreness. You’ll feel like your normal, active self almost immediately.

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  • Drink lots of water
    2 / 10 Drink lots of water

    Down a few more cups of water than you usually do, and you just might be able to clear yourself of those aches. Water is the best form of hydration, and is essential to help your muscles function and recover properly. Best part: It has zero calories.

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  • Do recovery exercises
    3 / 10 Do recovery exercises

    Exercising may be the last thing on your mind, but it will do your sore muscles good. Go for light-intensity exercises like a slow jog or swim to encourage blood flow to your muscles which helps to speed up recovery. Maintain an easy pace – nothing hardcore here.

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  • Stretch after a dynamic warm-up
    4 / 10 Stretch after a dynamic warm-up

    When your muscles are warmed up after doing simple exercises, don’t forget to stretch them. Doing so relaxes and lengthens tight muscles, letting you recover more quickly. Do these stretches if your lower body often feels sore.

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  • Sleep more
    5 / 10 Sleep more

    Clocking enough sleep just seems to be the solution to all sorts of body issues, including muscle aches. In your deepest stages of sleep, your body is at its peak in restoring your torn muscle fibres, as blood pressure drops and blood flow moves to your muscles and tissues. Getting adequate zzz’s also means you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

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  • Foam roll
    6 / 10 Foam roll

    Many athletes turn to foam rolling to soothe their muscles, so they can resume training the next day. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start foam rolling, too. All you need is a foam roller – opt for one with medium pressure if you’re just starting out. Don’t have one? A tennis ball works just as well. Click here to learn the proper foam rolling techniques.

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  • Get a massage
    7 / 10 Get a massage

    A medium- to hard-pressure massage will stimulate blood flow to your muscles, help them relax and reduce stiffness. Need recommendations? Try one of these Shape-recommended spas for a shiok deep tissue massage.

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  • Apply a medicated patch
    8 / 10 Apply a medicated patch

    This is probably the fastest way to deal with the discomfort. Most pain relief patches contain methyl salicylate and menthol, counterirritants that cool or warm your skin to distract you from feeling muscle pain. The same applies to over-the-counter lotions, gels and sprays. The effect may be temporary, but hey, you’ll be able to function better during that time.

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  • Take a warm bath
    9 / 10 Take a warm bath

    If you’re aching from head to toe, there’s nothing soaking in a hot tub won’t fix. The elevated temperature boosts blood circulation, releasing the tension in your muscles. Bonus: The warm bath will induce relaxation and deeper sleep later on.

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  • Wear compression garments
    10 / 10 Wear compression garments

    If you frequently have sore legs from running or doing explosive exercises, consider wearing compression tights. These skin-hugging clothes are designed to support your muscles, as well as boost blood circulation. Several studies have found compression clothing to aid in the removal of lactate and creatine kinase – basically the waste that comes from muscle exertion and damage.

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