9 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  October 10, 2017
  • Running to lose weight?
    1 / 10 Running to lose weight?

    Running is a great way to burn calories, but it’s not the best.

    Going at a consistently fast pace (of 9.6km/hour) blasts 10 calories every minute. In contrast, many other exercises let you torch more. Plus, they sculpt other parts of your body that running doesn’t.

    If you run regularly, consider swopping some sessions for these other workouts. Of course, you’ll need to put in 100 per cent effort to reap the benefits!

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  • Trampolining
    2 / 10 Trampolining

    This fast-growing fitness trend is popular because it’s fun, and so addictive.

    The feeling of being (almost) weightless – thanks to the impact-absorbing trampoline – and in the air will literally put you on a high. When you’re enjoying the rebound this much – whether you’re in a trampoline park or a trampoline fitness class – you’ll feel less tired and jump for a longer time than if you were running.

    Fitness experts estimate that an hour of trampolining burns up to 800 calories. Go for it!

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  • Spinning
    3 / 10 Spinning

    During spin class, your instructor isn’t asking you to dial up the resistance for nothing.

    Cycling with resistance at a vigorous pace burns 13 calories a minute, and not to mention, gives your thighs extra toning.

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  • Rowing
    4 / 10 Rowing

    Rowing works your whole body much harder than running.

    Every stroke requires you to push with both legs, stabilise with your core, and pull with your arms, back and shoulders.

    No muscle group gets neglected here. No wonder high-effort rowing burns 12 calories per minute, 20 per cent more than running. You’ll get a sexy back, too.

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  • Jumping rope
    5 / 10 Jumping rope

    Who knew a humble skipping rope could do so much for you?

    A minute of fast rope-jumping torches 12 calories. Keep it up for 30 minutes and you would have smashed 360 calories.

    Jumping rope improves your balance and coordination too. Aim for double unders (where the rope goes under twice per jump) to up your work capacity.

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  • Kickboxing
    6 / 10 Kickboxing

    Kick and punch your troubles away. You’ll also blast more than 600 calories by kickboxing for an hour.

    Kickboxing works both your cardio fitness and strength, giving you more upper body definition than running. Toned arms, taut abs – who doesn’t want that? (Here are five ways boxing gets you in shape.)

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  • Swimming
    7 / 10 Swimming

    It’s proven that swimming burns more calories than running. An hour of doing breaststroke or freestyle easily burns 600 calories. Do the butterfly stroke and you’ll log 10 per cent more calorie burn. And you probably won’t feel as wiped out compared to running.

    Being in the water relaxes your muscles, so you don’t feel much stress even though you are working hard. Swimming is low-impact too, so even those with joint pain or injuries can pick it up.

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  • Rock climbing
    8 / 10 Rock climbing

    Unless you rock climb, you probably didn’t know that this sport is so effective at torching calories (at least 660 calories an hour) and sculpting muscles at the same time.

    Your whole body – from head to toe – needs to be activated to help you scale the rock. Climbing trains your focus, determination and problem-solving skills too, all of which will benefit you in other parts of life.

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  • Inline skating
    9 / 10 Inline skating

    It may look effortless, but inline skating (also called rollerblading) requires a lot of strength and coordination, particularly in the lower body.

    While inline skating, you have to constantly push your legs to the side, so your inner thighs and outer glutes need to work extra hard to stabilise. Expect to blast more than 700 calories an hour. Get low and go fast to increase the burn.

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  • HIIT
    10 / 10 HIIT

    There’s a reason why HIIT (short for high-intensity interval training) workouts are such a hit.

    They are usually done in 30 minutes – or 45 minutes max – leaving you drenched in sweat and sore all over. The idea is to go hard and fast while exercising in fixed intervals, with minimal rest in between sets so your muscles are close to fatigue.

    HIIT exercises usually comprise of explosive bodyweight moves like burpees, high knees and jump lunges. For all that effort, your reward is the afterburn, in which your body burns more calories at rest for hours after. Sweet.

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