Do These 7 Things to Always Enjoy Your Gym Workouts

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  July 18, 2017
  • Unspoken rules of the gym
    1 / 8 Unspoken rules of the gym

    Whether you’re a newcomer or long-time customer at the gym, it pays to play by the rules. What rules? Nobody tells you outrightly, but here are the most important things to do to enjoy your workout.

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  • Bring your own towel
    2 / 8 Bring your own towel

    If your gym doesn’t provide towels, bring your own. A towel is always useful for lining your exercise mat, and of course, soaking up perspiration. A towel also reduces your contact with grimy surfaces.

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  • Be an early bird
    3 / 8 Be an early bird

    Gym classes run like clockwork. If you’re more than five minutes late, you might get turned away. It doesn’t help that the locker room is the busiest 10 minutes before class. Arrive in good time — 15 minutes before class starts is ideal — so you’ve time to stow your bag, get changed and settle down. You’ll also get to pick your spot (or mat) in class.

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  • Dress the part
    4 / 8 Dress the part

    Wear the appropriate attire for your class. If you’re lifting weights or doing strength training, be sure to wear training shoes. Going for a stretch class? Swop the shorts for tights. Sports bras are non-negotiable, no matter what exercises you do. For high-impact workouts, wear a maximum-support sports bra.

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  • Know your space
    5 / 8 Know your space

    Gym space is prime, so stick to your designated zone, whether it’s a 100cm-diameter circle or 180cm-by-60cm mat. Most gyms have mats arranged in a staggered manner so there should be no chance of swatting your neighbour’s arm. More reason to be coordinated during the workout!

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  • Focus on yourself
    6 / 8 Focus on yourself

    If there’s one thing all gym goers should do, it’s to stop comparing themselves with others. You’ll save yourself from unnecessary stress, and be able to focus better on your workout. The only person you should be comparing with is yourself, yesterday.

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  • Be quiet
    7 / 8 Be quiet

    It sure feels good to moan and groan during the toughest moves, but honestly, not many people appreciate that. Instead of grunting, try exhaling deeply and slowly. It helps to engage those core muscles too.

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  • Stay for the cool-down
    8 / 8 Stay for the cool-down

    There are many things that demand your time. But as long as you’re doing a workout, aim to see it through from warm-up to cool-down. The latter is super important in lengthening your muscles and reducing lactic acid build-up, the cause of post-workout muscle soreness.

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