7 Best Exercises To Do During Your Period

by Dawn Chen
FITNESS  |  May 31, 2020
  • Don't let Aunt Flo derail those workout plans
    1 / 8 Don't let Aunt Flo derail those workout plans

    When it comes to exercising during your period, it’s always best to listen to your body. If the cramping and bloating has rendered you bedridden, give the day’s sweat session a miss. But if you feel up to it (because there are really good reasons to exercise during your period), here are seven workouts that you can do. Psst, the endorphin boost post-exercise will lift your mood!

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  • 1. Walking
    2 / 8 1. Walking

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    Walking is perfect if you don’t feel like doing anything too hard core. Lace up your favourite sneakers and hit the road for a stroll or a brisk walk around your estate. Even though it’s not an intense workout, you can still clock steps and torch calories by walking. (Also Read: 4 Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Weight Loss)

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  • 2. Running
    3 / 8 2. Running

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    If you’ve passed the worst of the cycle’s cramps, try upping the intensity of your workouts with a jog. Make sure you stay hydrated, and go slow or take a break if you start to feel light-headed or giddy. Need hype? Tune into these upbeat running songs.

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  • 3. Pilates
    4 / 8 3. Pilates

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    Pilates moves target specific muscle groups, so you can tailor your workout to suit your need. For example, if you’re suffering from lower back pain during your period, try roll-downs to stretch your spine and back.

    (Also read: Try This Mindful 20-Min Full-Body Pilates Workout)

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  • 4. Yoga
    5 / 8 4. Yoga

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    Many yoga poses also help to increase blood flow and circulation, and this can help to prevent clotting. As a precaution, it’s best to avoid inversions as some experts think it could lead to endometriosis. Try these yoga poses that help reduce stress and anxiety.

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  • 5. Swimming
    6 / 8 5. Swimming

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    This is probably a foreign concept to many girls, but swimming is actually a good exercise option even while you have your period. The low-impact sport is relaxing, and you won’t bleed out if your flow is light thanks to the counter-pressure of the water. (Yes, You CAN Swim During Your Period- Here’s How)

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  • 6. Stretching
    7 / 8 6. Stretching

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    If you can’t haul yourself to the gym, why not try doing some simple stretches at home? Focus on lengthening your muscles and taking deep breaths to ease cramps and aches. Here are 7 health benefits of stretching that will convince you to stretch every day.

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  • 7. Dancing
    8 / 8 7. Dancing

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    Sign yourself up for a Zumba or Kpop dance class if you’re up for it. The fun workout will lift your mood, plus you’ll be torching serious calories at the same time!

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