6 Moves to Slim Down Your Thighs & Get a Good Workout

FITNESS  |  October 04, 2016

    Works legs, butt and abs

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, tighten core muscles and keep spine neutral. Hold bag (or other weight) in front of you [a]. Lower into squat by pushing buttocks back as if sitting on chair. Hips and knees should be aligned. Make sure knees do not extend beyond toes or turn inwards or outwards [b]. Rise and return to [a]. Do 12 reps.

    Tone it down If this exercise feels tough and you have difficulty maintaining good form, do it without added weight. Place your hands behind the head while doing a squat. This opens up the chest and thoracic spine (upper- and middle-back), making it a great posture strengthener.

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    2 / 6 2. ANTERIOR LUNGE

    Works core, hips, glutes and legs

    Stand with feet hip-width apart, tighten core and raise arms to sides [a]. Take big step forward with right foot, keeping back straight throughout. Lower body so right knee is bent at 90 degrees and left knee is almost touching ground. Left heel should be raised and right foot planted firmly on ground [b]. Return to [a] and switch legs. Do 12 reps on each side.

    Dial it up Make this move more challenging by adding weights like dumbbells or a medicine ball.

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    3 / 6 3. POWER SKIP

    Works arms, hips, glutes and legs

    Push off on left foot and jump high, raising right knee to hip level and left elbow to shoulder level. Keep left leg straight and right arm slightly bent [shown]. Land on ball of left foot. Repeat on other side. Do 12 reps per side, aiming to jump higher each time.

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    4 / 6 4. RICOCHET

    Works calves

    Stand on balls of feet with heels slightly lifted [a]. In quick motion, raise heels as high as possible [b] before lowering to [a]. Keep body straight throughout. Do 48 reps.

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    5 / 6 5. SPLIT JUMP

    Works core and legs

    Start in lunge position with right knee bent at 90 degrees in front of you and left heel lifted. Position left elbow at chest level and tighten core [a]. Jump explosively and switch leg positions, landing on left foot with knee bent in front of you [b]. Do 12 reps per side.

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    6 / 6 6. SQUAT JUMP

    Works core and legs

    Lower body into squat position and let arms hang between legs [a]. Tighten core and jump upwards explosively, stretching arms overhead for momentum [b]. Land as softly as possible in the squat position [a], engaging lower body muscles. Do 12 reps.

    Dial it up Make this move more challenging by adding weights like dumbbells or a medicine ball.

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    Edited excerpt from The Pop-Up Gym is republished with permission from Bloomsbury Publishing.

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