13 Ways To Win A Runner’s Heart

FITNESS  |  February 13, 2017
  • Forget flowers.
    1 / 13 Forget flowers.

    Flowers for Valentine’s Day and special occasions? Pfft. What insincerity. Make her sit up and take notice of you by gifting running-related paraphernalia, like cool compression socks, snazzy waist pouches, or even the latest running GPS watch, if you can afford it.

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  • Let her run any time she wants.
    2 / 13 Let her run any time she wants.

    Running is part of her life, so don’t ever mess with her schedule. Whether it’s after work, late night or first thing in the morning, all you have to do is be okay with it, and work around her free time. No judgment.

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  • Join her for runs occasionally.
    3 / 13 Join her for runs occasionally.

    She might have her own running gang, but she’d be so touched if you offer to jog with her, especially if you’re not a runner. Tip: Take it slow and trash that ego. The key thing here is Company.

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  • Give her nice foot massages.
    4 / 13 Give her nice foot massages.

    Make it a point to massage her feet (and don’t forget the calves!) whenever you have alone time with her. She’d be so touched! Just think about what that might lead to…

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  • Treat her to pedicures, too.
    5 / 13 Treat her to pedicures, too.

    ’cause you know, she would likely have blisters, calluses, and chipped or bruised nails from all that running. More foot rubs – she’ll love it!

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  • Be at the finish line on race day.
    6 / 13 Be at the finish line on race day.

    Why else, to support her and show that you care for her passion, of course! You’d probably be the only one of her friends to do that. Major score.

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  • Plan food dates, lots of them.
    7 / 13 Plan food dates, lots of them.

    It’s no secret: Runners LOVE food. Beyond replenishing their carbs and protein, yummy nosh is like a reward for their dedication and hard work. So go do some research on the latest best restos and cafes to dine at. Just be sure not to schedule food dates the night before a race.

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  • Laze with her post-run.
    8 / 13 Laze with her post-run.

    This one’s easy. Post-run or race, she would appreciate a quiet day at home. Just show up and watch her favourite Netflix shows together.

    (Also read: Fun Date Ideas For Sporty Couples)

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  • Compliment her after every hard training or race.
    9 / 13 Compliment her after every hard training or race.

    It doesn’t matter how long she took to complete the session. If she did it, she’s the winner. Tell her how amazing she is, even if you don’t quite understand. You will, in time to come.

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  • Praise her legs.
    10 / 13 Praise her legs.

    Whether or not she’s running for body benefits, one thing’s for sure: Her gams are hot. Give them the air time they deserve by telling her how toned and shapely her legs are, especially those calves. Not every girl has them!

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  • Go for runcations together.
    11 / 13 Go for runcations together.

    Okay, this wouldn’t work if you absolutely hate running. But we’re guessing this girl is more important so you should cast that dreadful feeling aside and go for a runcation (running vacation) with her. Plan your itinerary around places that are friendly to run at. Or sign up for a race with her. You might just discover a love for running! For ideas, check out the 10 most scenic marathons in the world.

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  • Prepare meals for her.
    12 / 13 Prepare meals for her.

    Like we said, runners are all about food when they’re not running. Besides taking her out to fancy dining places, show your love by whipping up a nutritious post-workout meal that has equal parts carbs for restoring energy and protein for repairing those muscles. Here’s an easy salmon-quinoa bowl recipe to get you started.

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  • Be armed with snacks when you meet her.
    13 / 13 Be armed with snacks when you meet her.

    If she needs something to munch on for her run later, you’ll be her saviour. A banana, energy bar and handful of nuts are great snacks that aren’t difficult to carry around. For more snack ideas, read this.

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