11 Insta-Worthy Yoga and Workout Poses to Try With Your Partner

by Claire Ang
FITNESS  |  August 18, 2018
  • Sky high
    1 / 11 Sky high

    Seen on: @laramichellegraham/ Instagram

    Take your relationship to greater heights with acro yoga! Literally. 

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  • Stack up
    2 / 11 Stack up

    Seen on: @apoorvajayarajan/ Instagram

    This simple balancing yoga pose is not too hard to master.

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  • Bend and stretch
    3 / 11 Bend and stretch

    Seen on: @yuwinggg/ Instagram

    Never let go of each other’s hands (even when working out).

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  • Hold on
    4 / 11 Hold on

    Seen on: @dmacyoga/ Instagram

    This trickier pose definitely needs a bit of practising, but nothing’s impossible!

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  • Stretch your backs
    5 / 11 Stretch your backs

    Seen on: @dylanwerneryoga/ Instagram

    Proof that your partner always has your back.

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  • Do your squats together
    6 / 11 Do your squats together

    Seen on: @dreamteam.fitness/ Instagram

    Be each other’s physical and moral support.

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  • Motivate each other
    7 / 11 Motivate each other

    Seen on: @lisafiitt/ Instagram

    A little bit of extra motivation after every sit up.

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  • An extra pull
    8 / 11 An extra pull

    Seen on: @natalieevamarie/ Instagram

    Stretch each other’s limits.

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  • The bridge of love
    9 / 11 The bridge of love

    Seen on: @robinmartinyoga/ Instagram

    Symmetry represented accurately in this yoga pose.

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  • Find your zen
    10 / 11 Find your zen

    Seen on: @bryceyoga/ Instagram

    One of the simplest moves you can start off with when it comes to yoga. Find a scenic backdrop for an extra wow factor.

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  • Head to toe
    11 / 11 Head to toe

    Seen on: @travisweinand/ Instagram

    If you’ve mastered all the other yoga poses, challenge yourselves and try forming this square.

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