10 Amazing Yoga Retreats to Add to Your Bucket List

FITNESS  |  July 05, 2018
  • Check out these stunning vacation rental properties around the world, each with private shalas and studios you can book for your own yoga getaway.
    1 / 11 Check out these stunning vacation rental properties around the world, each with private shalas and studios you can book for your own yoga getaway.

    One of the greatest things about yoga – besides all its physical and emotional health benefits – is the fact that you can do it almost anywhere. From tiny apartments to mountain tops and everywhere in between, all you really need is a mat and a bit of space to stretch out.

    What better way to find your inner zen than with a laid-back yoga retreat? Whether you like to do yoga by yourself, with an instructor or alongside a group of friends, these properties from TripAdvisor Holiday Rentals offer unique places to improve your yoga skills and get some much-needed R&R.

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  • Casa Impala, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    2 / 11 Casa Impala, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    This island getaway for two infuses local tropical design with Moroccan and Mediterranean flavours. The result? A light, airy home with cosy charm and plenty of room to unwind. Do your early-morning sun salutations on the two-storey property’s rooftop deck, or walk to the nearby beach for a dynamic yoga sequence by the waves.

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  • Casa Macondo, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
    3 / 11 Casa Macondo, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

    With its extraordinary location (a two-minute walk from Playa Hermosa de Santa Teresa) and exquisite decor (a collection of antiques from around the world), you’d be hard-pressed to find a rental with more convenience and character than Casa Macondo. But it’s the property’s large yoga shala, surrounded by a lush tropical garden, that truly steals the show. Perfect for a small group session or private instruction, the shala is also an ideal spot to test your strength and balance with a few surfing lessons.

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  • Casa Prana, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
    4 / 11 Casa Prana, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    There’s only one thing better than Casa Prana’s spacious, light-filled yoga studio: the view you’ll enjoy as you practise here. It’s hard to beat the property’s million-dollar panorama of Lake Atitlan and its surrounding volcanoes, not to mention the manicured private garden that surrounds the home.

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  • Ke Aloha Estate, Kauai, Hawaii
    5 / 11 Ke Aloha Estate, Kauai, Hawaii

    There’s plenty of room on this traditional Hawaiian plantation for you (and 11 of your closest friends) to do a vinyasa. Try that in the large studio or on the generous grounds, with the Namahana Mountains rising in the distance. Gather bananas, papayas, lychee and grapefruit from the backyard for your morning smoothie, or try a walking meditation in the nature preserve that borders the property.

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  • Laulea Kailani Villa, Kauai, Hawaii
    6 / 11 Laulea Kailani Villa, Kauai, Hawaii

    If you’re looking for a rental that combines roomy studio space with spa-worthy amenities such as a steam room, hot tub and infinity pool, look no further than this 4,000 sq ft property in Kauai, Hawaii. Every aspect of its design – a blend of Balinese, Hawaiian and Asian elements – is tailored to maximise comfort and relaxation. Destress with a bit of restorative yoga, then stretch out on a patio chaise and soak in views of the surrounding valley and Hanalei Mountains.

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  • Villa Aragona, Naples, Italy
    7 / 11 Villa Aragona, Naples, Italy

    Located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, the colourful rental was built as a manor farm in the 1600s. Thanks to a series of modern updates, including the pool, jacuzzi and annex, this luxe property can now entertain and accommodate nearly 20 guests. The spacious studio and zen room make the home a popular spot for yoga retreats, especially since visitors can also book in-home sessions led by a local teacher. After class, take a walk in the Mediterranean garden and help yourself to the villa’s organically grown produce.

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  • Manor Barn Cottage, Devon, England
    8 / 11 Manor Barn Cottage, Devon, England

    Escape to Manor Barn in the English countryside, a quaint and cosy cottage with a separate yoga studio building surrounded by lovely backyard gardens. When you’ve finished your asanas for the day, pick produce for dinner from the organic vegetable patch, take a quiet walk on the property’s footpaths or visit the 13th-century pub nearby to meet some of the locals.

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  • Bidadari Cliffside Estate, Nusa Dua, Bali
    9 / 11 Bidadari Cliffside Estate, Nusa Dua, Bali

    This contemporary cliffside estate built above the Indian Ocean is a tropical gem. A Balinese-style cabana nestled at the bottom of the hill houses the fourth bedroom suite on the main floor, and a luxe gym beneath. Begin the day with simple breathing meditation in the villa’s two-tiered gardens or a calming yoga routine overlooking the white sand beach. Prefer to be led by a professional instructor? The villa manager can arrange that for you.

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  • Penestanan Villa, Ubud, Bali
    10 / 11 Penestanan Villa, Ubud, Bali

    Just a 15-minute walk from Ubud, Bali’s cultural capital, the villa is set in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees. Property staff can arrange for an instructor to lead you through a calming or challenging sequence in the estate’s unique open-air yoga studio. With butler service, a nearby spa and a rooftop deck overlooking local rice fields, there’s no chance you’ll leave this stunning rental with even a trace of stress.

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  • Villa Serendipity, Ko Samui, Thailand
    11 / 11 Villa Serendipity, Ko Samui, Thailand

    Located across from Kamlay, the island’s award-winning wellness retreat is a contemporary home with a pool, herb garden and open-air yoga sala (accessible through a secret garden in the master bedroom). Planning to explore Ko Samui? A Toyota Forerunner equipped with a navigation system is included in the rental package – along with complimentary airport and ferry transfers, and a continental breakfast each morning.

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