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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which includes Chestnut Nature Park


Botany Dairy Farm is a 99-year leasehold site that covers 15,663.2 acres. It is possible to construct 385 houses. The Botany at Dairy Farm site map is under construction in the Dairy Farm Walk District 23. It is administered by Sim Lian Land and Development Pte Ltd. It is close to many schools, and is safe and easily accessible by expressways as well in public transport. The proposed development will comprise 385 homes of different dimensions.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which includes Chestnut Nature Park. The beautiful natural setting was planned to create a fun and peaceful area. Its Botany zone is part Dairy Farm Hours is one crucial feature that is part of City Fringe which is located in the famous District 23 that also comprises Dairy Farm Walk which is operated by Sim Lian Land & Development Pte Ltd.

Sim Lian’s Botany at Dairy Farm structures offer freehold houses for families that have lived for prolonged durations during their time in Singapore over a period of more than 4 months. Sim Lian Group was created to provide the widest selection of the most modern methods in building. Sim Lian Group is recognized as a dependable property development company that is focused on construction and investment. Sim Lian Group offers different mixed-use residential properties as well as commercial and residential properties in the region.

Botany in Diary Farm is an exceptional property located within District 23. Siam Lian Group has been involved in the construction and development business for more that forty years. In the span of time it was involved in number of high-quality projects, like Lincoln Residencies, Rochelle at Newton, Clover By The Park, The Amery, Hillion Residencies, The Jade at Bukit Batok and many more of. Siam Lian Group aspires to be highest level of its field and gain the respect of its clients with the design of beautiful homes. Siam Lian Group has received many awards and is acknowledged by many as being one of the top brands in Singapore in the past five years starting in 2009.

The Botany Singapore is made up consisting of The Rail Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Fajar Shopping Centre & Junction 10. The residents who live within The Botany are able to have access to banking services like banks, pharmacies and food shops in addition to other.

Sim Lian Group is an famous property developer situated in Singapore which has constructed homes for more than forty many years. Sim Lian Group is known for its high-end development projects, which are affordable and of the highest quality . Sim Lian Group’s portfolio comprises residential and commercial mixed-use residential and industrial development.

Central Business District (CBD) that has speeds of over 10-knots. This Condo is linked to expressways , such as those that make out of the Bukit Timah-Kranji Expressway (BKE) as well with and within the Pan-Island Expressway which further assists residents living in the vicinity within. Condo. The Condo is perfect for people who like outdoors activities. It is located near the stunning Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Singapore Quarry, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Little Guilin, and Dairy Farm Nature Park.

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Lentor Hills Residences is well-known for its lifestyle experience and unique amenities


Lentor Hills Residences for sale covers 17,000 square metersand includes 595 homes. They’ve designed an impressive masterpiece, with huge living spaces, enormous windows and high ceilings which allow residents to experience stunning views of the landscape as well as an amazing dawn. Contemporary and modern interiors are chic and fashionable, and every house comes with unique amenities that aren’t available in other places.

Lentor Hills Residences is scheduled to shut down at the day that marks the end in the period. It will comprise 5525 housing units.Lentor Hills Road houses are situated near the border that divides Thomson, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, Sin Ming, Bishan and Central Water Catchment in Singapore’s Northern Region, near Lentor Drive, Flossia Park and Yio Chu Kang Road. The development is situated near the MRT station, which is scheduled to be completed in the next months. Lentor is situated in the area that is located in the Southern Region of Singapore.

Lentor Hills Residences is the ideal place to keep your treasured memories of family and acquaintances. We’ll ensure you are satisfied that the property offers all the amenities that you require to enhance your living experience. The benefits of living in such a beautiful location. It’s possible to take a break and enjoy. It’s a Lentor Hills lifestyle Condo allows you to enjoy two distinct perspectives of your everyday life at any time.

The benefits of buying Lentor Hill residences:

  • District 20 lies located within the city’s boundaries.
  • Schools within the immediate vicinity are Anderson Primary School, Anderson Serangoon Junior College and The CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
  • Stations near MRTs like Lentor MRT Station and major roads, including Thomson East Coast Line Central Expressway and Seletar Expressway.
  • If you’re thinking about going to the beach or to go shopping and dining out at restaurants, make sure you’ve covered the area in Central North Singapore. Central North Of Singapore.

It’s an excellent choice to families that have children. Its schools are top quality and are situated near the location of the condo. Parents do not have to be concerned about how to get their kids to school, despite their hectic schedules. Parents don’t need to travel far distances to get children off to schools. Schools which are well-known and reliable in the area are listed in this list. Examples include: Anderson Primary School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls school, Anderson Serangoon Junior College, Mayflower Primary School.

It can take between three and five minutes to walk all the way to The Lentor MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line. Drivers are advised to sit at least 10 minutes before leaving Singapore major malls like Orchard Road. They may also need 13 minutes to reach Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore. Central Business District (CBD) is situated in the outer areas area of Singapore. Singapore has many main roads, including CTE and Selear Expressway.

It’s not just about the recreation. It also features Lentor Hills Residences. Lentor Hills Residences is a fantastic shopping centre , and is an ideal place to explore places such as Thomson Plaza, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall, Bishan North Shopping Mall, Broadway Plaza.

There are a myriad of places to eat and activities, and residents of the area are able to explore places like AMK Hub, Two Chefs Eating Place, Book Magic Show, Thomson Nature Park, Singapore Zoo. There are plenty of other locations to visit such as cafes as well as cafes, hospitals, and restaurants in hospitals, as well being shops.

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The Reserve Residences feature 36 stories with 700 luxury units

The Reserve Residences is a brand new integrated development comprising 700 residences and 150 service buildings, 220,000 sq metres of retail space, and an eight-acre plaza that is an underground pedestrian connection that connects to the Beauty World station of MRT. The Reserve Residences developer concept design for the condo was considered to be the most effective overall option that was the reason why the bidder won the most money on the project. The concept plan was proposed to the Far East Organization, which concentrated on the urban design of the site and its many applications. It was an effective approach to change the regional climate.

The Reserve Residences is an urban mixed development located near Bukit Timah Nature Park. It will have 36 stories of high-rises, as well as offices and retail spaces at the bottom levels, and apartments on the upper levels. It is expected that Reserve Residences’ mix will be similar to Bukit Timah’s Timah Shopping Center. Bukit Timah Mall. The mall will be surrounded by stunning vegetation that covers the area and also has public areas and transportation hubs.

Reserve Residences will be located in an ideal location close to MRT Beauty World. MRT Beauty World station located only a few stops away from. The development will be located near the station that serves as MRT Beauty World and will have a wide range of luxurious retail areas. They will also feature an enormous retail area. Reserve Residences will be close to several famous universities, including the highly regarded Nanyang Institute of Technology. Residents of The Reserve Residences are expected to have accessibility to spa services, fitness centers and a gym.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has issued a call to offer bids on Reserve Residences in Singapore. The project is located in an area that is prime and is within 6 minutes of Mountbatten MRT Station. 5 developers have submitted proposals. They will evaluate the ideas by a variety of criteria, like location facilities, locations and cost. The one with the greatest chance of success is selected to proceed to the next step.

The Reserve Residences tender will include two distinct elements: residential and commercial. The project is expected to be 36 stories tall, and also comprise offices along with retail and office space and public spaces, as and civic spaces. It will be the new hub for urban life within the Beauty World estate. The development is situated near Beauty World’s beauty area. The project will include the capability of connecting pedestrians with the station. In the near future it will be easy for residents to go to work or out for an evening of play.

They at the Far East Organization are working to improve the living conditions of their clients and customers. Their commitment to this is evident in the accolade they’ve received in their 11th Fifiabci World Prix d’Excellence awards which is the top honor in the in the real estate business. Far East plans to also offer low-cost, high-end and high-quality residences for those who live near the MRT Beauty World Station.

A new mixed-use project is currently being constructed in the region situated in the east region of Singapore. It’s being developed jointly through The Far East Organization and Jalan Anak Bukit This project will provide a range of amenities and services. Although prices aren’t yet disclosed, developers are busy acquiring an 3.22-hectare parcel of land. After the project is finished, it will be ready to begin construction in 2019.

It is situated close to Bukit Timah National Park which is a popular spot for nature lovers as well as their families. The location is perfect to the property and was the result of a collaboration in collaboration with Sino Group and the Far East Organization and Sino Group. The location and amenities allow residents to travel between the different regions of this region. In addition residents are in walking distance to Metro Station Downtown Line Metro Station.

Being one of the wealthiest places in Singapore, Bukit Timah has been an ongoing reminder of the riches of a renowned and wealthy area. Bukit Timah is home to a number of iconic landmarks that serve as the backdrop for a famous lifestyle. The new development is located close to Bukit Timah’s Beauty World station on the MRT. The development will feature a entirely new bus interchange, as in addition to accessibility to a library. The Reserve Residences will be a luxury property built with ease and comfort at the forefront of.

The property is situated in the heart in the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve The Reserve Residences is the most crowded of residences that are served by public spaces as well as retail stores. The apartments are connected by an under-ground pedestrian bridge which allows for access to various areas within the city. Additionally, the apartment are situated near services in the area such as grocery stores and an appointment with a doctor.

The Reserve Residences is located near Bukit Timah’s Nature Park. Bukit Timah Nature park is well-known location for outdoor sports. The brand-new Bukit Timah Rail Corridor is designed to connect residents to Bukit Timah Nature Park, located in the southern part on the Island. Bukit Timah’s Community Building Bukit Timah’s community building is set to be home to an indoor library, The Sports Center Library as and the senior facilities. They are situated close to Bukit Timah’s Bukit Community Building.

Additionally to this in addition, in addition, the developer has also included gorgeous constructed rooftop terraces and balconies into the construction process. The project is expected be equivalent to the 3.1 gross plot ratio. In terms of the retail space the development will encompass approximately 22,000 square meters of land. In addition, the design of the project includes vertical greenery that is an essential part of both the façade as well as the exterior of the structure.

Reserve Residences Reserve Residences is an urban-oriented development that is mixed-use and located close to Station A, which makes up the Beauty World Metrorail. Reservation Residences Reserve Residences has been granted a 99-year leasehold site. The development will include residential and commercial space at 60:40 ratio. The project was designed through The Far East Organization, which is a developer and has its head office at Hong Kong, is one of the developers behind the project. The property could cover an area of surface of 32,185 square metres (about 3,464,436 square feet).

The Reserve Residences is a mixed-use property located within the vicinity of the former Goh & Goh Building. The building is expected to rise 36 floors high with commercial space in the lower levels, as well as housing units on the upper levels. The structure is expected be similar in size to the one at Bukit Timah’s Timah shopping Centre. Bukit Timah shopping centre. The whole site will be 3.22 ha, with a gross plot ratio is 3.1. This development is expected to include a pedestrian walkway that connects the Beauty World’s Metro station.

Reserve Residences is located near Bukit Timah Nature Park. The nature trail is 24km in length, runs through every inch of Island of Singapore. It’s a pedestrian-friendly path which allows residents to stroll around and admire the beauty of nature. Residents are able to take a walk to public transportation, as well as The Orchard Road belt. Residents can take in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings of the area. It is also near to Bukit Timah Hospital, renowned for its medical facilities. There are numerous amenities nearby, including Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Bukit Timah Mall as well as The Far East Integrated Transport Hub.

The development is close to close to the MRT station BBR that is in the process of being constructed. The development will feature offices and retail spaces and apartments that will be serviced by. Nearby facilities include malls, schools parks, and centers. It’s a great option for teens because it’s near to many services. Beauty World Metro Station is just a few steps from the property. There are many parks, both privately owned and government-owned as well as schools. Furthermore those who will be living in the near future will have the ability to travel to the most popular spots.

The Reserve Residences will be a mixed-use structure situated inside Singapore. It is expected to be 36 stories high and will have commercial spaces on the lower levels as well as residential units on the higher levels. It will be situated near the stunning world estate which will improve the accessibility of transportation and will create a vibrant and lively surrounding. It will feature stunning homes and lush greenery , and will eventually be transformed into an active urban center.

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Amo Residences is built over a total of 25 levels, and will include 350 homes

Amo Residences condo for sale is located in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. It’s only five minutes away from The Mayflower MRT station. It’s situated in a area of homes built on land that offer stunning views of vast open spaces. It’s located in a lush region of natural vegetation and greenery. It also includes Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, as in Lower Peirce Reservoir at doorstep.

The renowned housing development for private residences is constructed by the most well-known developers comprising UOL, Kheng Leong and Singapore Land Group. The development will be built over a total of 25 levels, and will include 350 homes that enjoy the unobstructed view to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio , which forms part of the Park’s Lower Peirce Reservoir and Shangri-la Park Landed Estate.

It will be able to benefit from proximity of the Mayflower MRT station. Mayflower MRT station which is situated on the Thomson East Coast Line is situated in a thriving residential neighborhood. It also provides a range of facilities.

Major Expressways Two major expressways CTE and CTE along with CTE and CTE together with CTE and SLE CTE connect the two developments, and offer unlimited connectivity to other important locations to Singapore.

Parents of students attending schools at the Ang MoKio Residences, which are located within a few primary schools. Primary schools that are well-known like Ai Tong School and CHIJ St Nicholas are within a mile of the condo. The majority of secondary and tertiary institutions and international schools are the span of couple of minutes’ drive from the condominium.

A brand-new highly-visible, high-profile project that is expected to be sought-after by people living in areas with vast view . It’s also easy to walk to Station 1 that is part of Mayflower Metrorail. Mayflower Metrorail. Mayflower Metrorail.

Amo Residences boasts a full array of amenities that be focused on the general health of residents. Residents can enjoy a dip in the spa, in combination with Hydrotherapy pool after long days. Relieve yourself from the stress of the day and workout in the gym that is effective and efficient.

There is various apartments that range from a single bedroom to five bedrooms located in the property. The condo offers all the amenities amenities of a home that is part of the whole group of properties.

The carefully selected assortment of top-quality materials can give the look and feel you’d like for your home. An easy colour scheme that incorporates marble, wood, and metallic accents creates the perfect backdrop to showcase your individual style and preferences.

Every apartment at Amo Residences is equipped with extravagant fixtures constructed with top-quality materials and finest workmanship to create one of the best living areas.

With a total area (GFA) of 31,699 square metres , 372 housing units are planned to be constructed in Amo Residences. The development will comprise two towers which are between 25 and 24 storeys in height. It will also offer numerous options for dwellings. With the thought that living in a home is possible for many in the near future, each property starting from the smallest to most expansive, can meet the needs of prospective homeowners. Due to its size, this project will come with all the amenities needed for condominiums. They include tennis courts, gyms, pools and courts for event rooms and other facilities for residents.

The condominium is a desired option for homeowners and investors. This Ang MoKio residences condo is expected to be among the biggest developments to be made in the region in the past 10 years. It is located in the Thomson-Ang-Kio region, where there are plenty of homes that are landlocked to the other side. Residents can take in beautiful views of the serene surroundings. There are numerous nature preserves, parks such as Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir will appeal to those who love the outdoors.

The region chosen for the project will offer residents with easy access to the entire city of Singapore through an area within Mayflower MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line which takes a mere five minutes to walk to. It’s also connected by The Central Expressway (CTE), Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the North-South Corridor which makes it the most efficient method of transportation located in Singapore.

Amo Residences has easy access to shopping, entertainment and entertainment in the middle of central China. It is located just 1km away from top elementary schools, including Ai Tong Primary School and the CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School.

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Piccadilly Grand is a new mixed-use residential property by two reputable developers City Development & MCL Land


Piccadilly Grand completion date is target to launch in H12022, which is a 99-year leasehold mixed-use development is situated in the Farrer Park enclave that is connected to Gloucester and Race Course roadways. The property is situated at the city’s edge , is surrounded by a precinct that has significant historical significance. the mixed-use development will be governed by two well-known developers like City Development & MCL Land.

This prime residential address has easy access to city. It is easily connected by Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Central Expressway (CTE) and the Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE). Orchard Road is just minutes away via car, and Central Business District’s Shenton Way and Marina Bay Financial Centre are as well accessible. It’s Farrer Park MRT Station just within a few steps and you’ll be connected to Singapore’s amazing public transport system. Piccadilly Grand is perfectly placed to give you the benefits of quick and convenient access to all going on – all in a place that’s exclusive.

The immediate vicinity of Piccadilly Grand district is home to a flourishing and vibrant range of amenities and businesses which meet the needs of modern day life. Residents can walk to their homes to shop for groceries or explore gourmet options as coffee shops, grocery stores and eateries of the highest quality are all within a short distance. There are many possibilities for entertainment and top-quality lifestyle.

There’s plenty of dining and shopping options at City Square Mall and 24-hour Mustafa Centre or go to close by Novena, Bugis or Orchard Road. In a country that loves food, there’s plenty delicious foods to pick from, such as Tekka Market, Pek Kio Market & Food Centre, Berseh Food Centre and Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre are a few of the most sought-after choices.

Parents with children that attend schools can benefit from numerous schools within the area. Farrer Park Primary School, Stamford Primary School, Hong Wen School, St Joseph’s Institution Junior, Bendemeer Secondary School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Management University; international schools like Insworld Institute and Italian Supplementary School are situated within close distance.

There’s never a dull moment in Piccadilly Grand. Make use of the variety of leisure amenities that offer ample space for gatherings with your loved ones and private dining, or to enjoy memorable moments that are within the reach of. The large and well-designed rooms offer the comfort of a home that is warm and classy. To give a touch of class to the overall design are top-quality furnishings and fixtures that complement the entirety of this stunning home. Residents have complete charge of the home’s automation and enjoy all-day conveniences, as well as the added security.

It comprises 407 luxurious apartments in various sizes, as well as commercial retail, and a the infant and childcare center located on the ground floor. Piccadilly Grand offers lots to provide, whether for couples who are not married or married couples without children or family members retirement, retirees and even family members. The property is situated near a variety of healthcare facilities and hospitals. Connexion is an hotel, medical and retail complex located in the vicinity of. Because of its perfect site and position, there is the potential for a lucrative rental in tourism and medical industries and retail, as well as the potential for capitalizing.


City Developments Limited (CDL) is a leading global real estate company with an impressive network of over 112 properties in over 30 countries. CDL is listed on the Singapore Exchange, the Group is among the largest firms in terms of market capitalization. The stable and profitable portfolio comprises offices, residential hotels services, apartments, hotels, and shopping malls, as in integrated developments.

With over 55 years in real property development investing, managing and investment, CDL has developed over 47,000 dwellings and owns more than 23 million square feet of area of floor space in residential, commercial, and hotel properties around the globe. The land bank of the company that spans the globe, includes 3.5 million sq feet of property.

Beyond creating iconic skylines with its design concepts, CDL has transformed Singapore’s built environment with a variety of green buildings that have received prizes. In the last twenty years, CDL have embraced the policy of “Conserve as we construct” and invested heavily in innovative technological innovations that are the main factor in increasing productivity of resources and efficiency.

MCL Land

MCL Land is a leading residential developer who continuously invents with the goal of excellence and dedicated to delivering the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. They continually refine their designs to create practical and effective home solutions. They believe in providing value to homeowners through spaces that allow them to stay connected to their families and friends and others who live in the same community.

Over the past fifty years they’ve established an established tradition of creating top-quality residences both in Singapore and Malaysia. They’re an integral part of the Jardine Matheson Group under Hongkong Land Holdings that owns an extensive portfolio of high-end residential properties situated within Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

The most well-known developments are The Estuary, UBER 388, Este Villa, Terrasse, Palms @ Sixth Avenue, Hallmark Residences, Ripple Bay, J Gateway, LakeVille, Sol Acres, Lake Grande, Margaret Ville and Parc Esta.

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Belgravia Ace property is situated in the uncommon urban area in Singapore


Belgravia Ace an exclusive development was designed to create an architecturally breathtaking statuesque area in Singapore. Furthermore, Belgravia Ace geomancy is located on the site for the development is located in a serene residential estate situated on the Seletar Hills enclave rich in tradition and culture.

The landscaping site will give residents the chance to connect to nature. Apart from the traditional swimming pools, barbecues and outdoor cooking areas, there will be areas for exercise and play in after-school programs for children as well as yoga for adult classes and also training for martial art.

The images are artistic representations of fitness centers located in Belgravia Green which could be like Belgravia Ace’s residents.

Belgravia Ace is the third and final stage of the Belgravia Collection by Tong Eng Group on Belgravia Drive just off Ang Mo Kio Ave 5.

There’s nothing quite like having a limited edition that is a symbol of the highest quality and exclusiveness. It is a prime property with a premium freehold property, Belgravia Ace is about the enjoyment to live in a land property that has communal amenities. The idea was born to meet the demand for luxurious living spaces within an estate that is gated and shared and is an intelligent investment that is merely a few moments away from Singapore’s latest innovative business districts, including Seletar, Punggol and the North Coast, Seletar and Punggol. Most importantly, the freehold status of the property will leave an indelible legacy for future generations to cherish.

The property is situated in the lush landscape of the established estate of a residential landowner in Seletar Hills, the undulating site has a tranquil and charming appeal that is uncommon in the urban Singapore.

Greenwich V offers a relaxing and cozy mall intended to function as a shopping and lifestyle hub that offers alfresco dining spaces and informal outdoor areas.

It is a lively mix of products, including delicious F&B options like Cedele, Rakuichi Sushi, Toast Box and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. There’s an additional Cold Storage supermarket to meet your everyday needs for food and other services like seven-eleven, Guardian Health & Beauty as well as a medical clinic as well as children’s enrichment schools.

The project is a non-finished conversion of a home within Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 by an acclaimed developer. It’s a distinctive project in the Seletar Hills neighbourhood of Singapore. Seletar Hills neighbourhood of Singapore. These homes are ideal for families who need the space for a large family. Each house is able to accommodate two cars on the property.

Facilities such as tranquil pools, coves and relaxation area have been integrated in the building so that residents can relax after a long work. Schools such as Ai Tong School and nearby shopping centers (Seletar Mall as well as Greenwich V) are all within walking distance, making the property ideal for all who lives within this property.

The Greenwich V experience is one of comfortable, natural-chic and charming village-like atmosphere and a lively and distinctive concept for outdoor living, Greenwich V completely transforms conventional expectations of lifestyle and shopping.

An experience like no other is waiting for you.

Hougang Point was renewed as Hougang 1

With a variety of brand new and well-known F&B and shopping, health and beauty as well as enrichment options under the brand new , bright and large inside, Hougang 1 remains the heartbeat of the area where families and acquaintances can shop, eat and unwind.

AMK Hub is managed and controlled by Mercatus.

Mercatus Co-operative Limited is the real estate division to NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited. Its mission is to manage and control an array that includes commercial properties to offer NTUC Social Enterprises with commercial space and create durable, long-term yields in those in the Labour Movement.

The Mercatus portfolio comprises the following: AMK Hub, Jurong Point, One Marina Boulevard, Thomson Plaza and shop units across the island.

It is conveniently situated in the town centre located in the town centre of Sengkang, Compass One is among the largest and most integrated malls, with a variety of facilities and offering a wide range that includes more than 180 well-known brands offering a variety of products and services that are designed for each and every one of us.

It is positioned as an entertainment and family-friendly center within the region, Compass One periodically curate special events and activities devoted to enriching the experience of your friends and family on Compass One.

The mall is linked with Fernvale Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, which is connected with the Sengkang North-East Line (NEL) MRT/ LRT station as well as the Sengkang bus interchange. Seletar Mall has 6 levels of retail space and three levels of parking, with 384 parking spaces with 188,000 square feet net lettable space.

Seletar Mall is a convenient shopping destination. Seletar Mall is also conveniently connected to expressways, including Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Central Expressway. Tampines Expressway (TPE) and the Central Expressway (CTE).

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Executive Condominium development along Yishun Avenue 9 suitable for all family size

North Gaia – New home by Sing Holdings Limited

North Gaia freehold can be found between Yishun Avenues 8 and 9. This project is new and was developed by Sing Holdings Limited. It covers 21,514 square metres and has a maximum floor area of 60.240 square meters. The property can produce approximately 600 apartments. It is situated within 500m of Intersection 9, which is a new neighborhood shopping center. The New EC is convenient and close to everything, including schools, shopping malls.


Neighborhood parks, community centers, and connections. You can walk only 5 minutes to Junction 9, which is a freight hub near Sheng Siong Supermarket. There are many restaurants, fashion boutiques, and retail stores nearby. Two bus stops will take you to Yishun Interchange / MRT. This will take you to Northpoint City, the largest mall in Singapore’s north.

North Gaia EC can be found in the northern area of Singapore along Yishun Avenue 9. North Gaia is approximately 1.6km away from Yishun MRT. Northpoint City is also just a short bus ride away. Northpoint City, a 1.33m sqft shopping center, is connected to many amenities such as a community club and regional library. It also has a movie theater.

Khoo Teck Phat Hospital, Community Hospital, and Chongfu Primary School are both close by.
North Gaia, a 99-year Leasehold development with 640 units, is located in District 27. The units are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms and are suitable for any family size. North Gaia is located across the street from Junction Nine, a mixed-use development. It is also close to many established schools.


Neighbourhood around North Gaia

Yishun continues to be a popular neighborhood due to its many amenities and beautiful estates. Yishun, a family-oriented town, is close to Woodlands Regional Centre and future Seletar Regional Centre. It also has access to the North Coast Innovation Corridor which offers many employment opportunities. There are 21 schools in the area that parents can choose from, including Peiying Primary School and Naval Base Primary and Secondary Schools, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School and Chung Cheng High School.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a popular spot for outdoor activities like jogging and bird watching, as well as leisure kayaking at the People’s Association’s Water-Venture outlet. More housing developments will soon be built along Khatib and Yishun train stations, including The Estuary and The Miltonia Residences, Skies Miltonia condominium, and the new Build To-Order HDB apartments along Yishun Avenue. This will help new residents keep in touch with their families and friends.



Sing Holdings Limited was founded in 1964. It and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) are a property development group and investment group that is listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchonge. It has a track record of successful development in a broad range of properties, including landed houses, condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings. Travelodge Docklands, a 291-room hotel with limited service is also owned by the Group.

The Group is proud to deliver quality developments to both tenants and purchasers. Every detail of the project is carefully inspected, from the design and conceptualization of layouts to the selection and installation of finishes and fittings, to the completion of the building, to the final touches. The Group has been awarded the prestigious FIABCI Singapore Property Award as well as the BCA Green Mok Award (Gold Plus) for its efforts. In its bid to become a Developer of Premier Living, the Group will continue to draw on its extensive development experience and expertise in order to deliver dream homes for its buyers.


  • The site is home to the Northpoint Shopping Centre, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Northpoint Shopping Centre.
  • There are many dining options available in Chong Pang Market and Food Center.
  • They will also be able to enjoy the convenience of Yishun Park and Safra Yishun Country Club, which are both within a short driving distance.
  • The area is home to many highly regarded education institutions that provide excellent learning opportunities. These schools include North View Primary School and Northland Secondary School. Darul Makmur Mosque Kindergarten is also available.
  • These conveniences are available to future residents of this condo via bus interchange or MRT station, such as the Blk. 254 (Bus 811), Yishun MRT Station, and the Opp Blk 254 Bus: 811.
  • Drivers can also drive on major expressways such as the Tampine Expressway, Central Expressway and the Seletar Expressway. This allows for hassle-free, safe travel.
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You can get a home for far less than market price in auctions

How to make buying real estate a great experience

If you are able to choose the right time to purchase real estate, it can be very rewarding. If you are able to find a great deal, it could be the beginning of a profitable venture. A fixer-upper home is generally more affordable than a new one.

You don’t have to rush to buy a house. Instead, look at the papers for homes up for sale. You may gain from the loss of one homeowner. The home auction process can help you get a house for a fraction of the market price.

A good friend can help you tour the area and take you to see the house before you buy it. It’s easy for people to get distracted by the excitement of buying a home. Trustworthy eyes can help you avoid potential problems later on.

Examine the history of your home and the area. For example, look out for flooding, forest fires, and tornadoes. These past events may indicate that your home has been damaged. This will help you determine the extent of the damage before you buy the house.

You need to feel at ease working with an agent when you are looking for help in buying or selling real estate. To find the best fit, interview several agents. You should also check out their references and read what past clients have to share about working with them.

Remember, when you are looking at real estate, to make sure your additions to the property meet all code requirements. You will be held responsible if the additions are not up to code. This happens most often in areas with low incomes and in cases where the homeowner completed the work.

The buyer’s agent or potential buyer must prepare the offer for a house. The offer is then presented to the agent of the seller. Although it is simpler than a sales contract, it is similar in many aspects. A sales agent is the best person to help you with a sales agreement.

A real estate auction is a great option if you have limited time to purchase a home. It is easy to follow the process: you simply look at a property, make a bid and close within thirty days if you are the winner. These events can be found on websites. Remember that once you submit a bid, you cannot withdraw. You must be certain that the property is yours.

Use an online calculator to determine how much you can afford. It’s quick and easy. This will allow you to get a realistic estimate of the home price you can afford, so you can find the right mortgages. Sometimes buyers have unrealistic expectations about the house they can purchase.

It is impossible to buy real estate without seeing the property. Unannounced visits by buyers can be a problem. To maximize positive effects, a scheduled visit is planned and coordinated. Neighbors may even help. To get a better understanding of the area and house, smart buyers will take a closer look.

It’s a good idea to have an inspector inspect the property before you buy any real estate that has caught your eye. You should know if the house you are considering buying requires extensive renovations. This could not only cost you a lot, but it could also force you into other living arrangements while the house is being renovated.

Do not buy a house if you do not love it. The feeling you have when you enter a house speaks more than the list of amenities and features that you want. Move on if you don’t feel like you will be able to live in the home.

You should visit the future city or town if you are forced to relocate due to a job opportunity. It is not a good idea to buy a house without seeing it in person. Although it may look great on paper, there are potential problems that will only be discovered when you actually visit the property.

Many real estate investors find it frustrating that they can’t tour a property before placing a bid. For potential buyers, it is a good idea to go to the property and look through the windows. Also, try talking to other residents to get a better feel for the property. It is possible to prepare for the cost of repairs and rehabilitation that the home will require.

You can make a lot of money if you put your resources to work and find a great property. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a new home or sell it after you have fixed it up to make a profit, it is very important to know when and where you can buy property.

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Talk with a wide variety of people who have purchased real estate throughout the process

These tips will help you buy your home with confidence

How to purchase real estate properly is the best way to get the most out of this volatile market. Before you put your money into the market, make sure to read this article. It will pay off in the long-term to learn how to be a buyer.

You should find a local expert to help you choose the right realtor for you. Specialists have a broad knowledge of the available listings. It is a good idea to see how many homes they have sold or bought in the same area over the past year. They can give you information about the area, schools, shopping, and other things.

Spend some time talking to the previous owners to learn everything you can about your new house. Ask the previous owners about any repairs they’ve done. Ask them questions about the repairs they have done. There might be a problem with the house if they have done many.

Keep your eyes open to other possibilities until you make your final decision. Every day, new houses go on the market. Keep your eyes open for houses that may be of interest to you, even if you have found the perfect house. This is where a realtor can be of great assistance. They often have access to new properties prior to the general public.

It can be exciting, but also very stressful to move into a newly purchased home. Plan ahead to reduce stress. To make it easier to move, have a garage sale. You will be able to save time packing and make a little extra cash.

It is important to examine the whole neighborhood before you make any decisions about real estate. It is crucial because this could be the reason that your dream home is so affordable. You may experience a decline in your home’s resale value or happiness if it is located in an unattractive neighborhood.

Talking to a variety of people who have bought real estate during the buying process is a great tip. Not only will you get valuable tips, but you’ll also learn new things as you go.

Remember to shop around to find the right real estate agent to match your needs. They will be an important part of one of the most important financial decisions of your entire life. At least three agents should be interviewed and you should choose the one that best suits your personality and goals.

Don’t just look at the home, but do your research about the area before you make an investment in it. Good schools, easy access to shopping, and low crime rates are all good indicators that the house will be a good investment.

Before you start looking for a house, spend some time researching the neighborhoods. You should also research crime rates in the neighborhoods you are interested in. You might be surprised at the statistics you find. This will allow you to prioritize some properties or eliminate others.

First-time home buyers should be aware of what they are getting into. It can be frustrating and costly to buy a home. You can always put off buying a home if you feel it is too difficult.

Ask for references when looking for a realty agent. You should hire an experienced and skilled real estate agent to help you find the right home. Ask the agent if they can speak to customers who have used their services in the past.

It is crucial to be careful when you’re at a home-auction. You could end up spending more on a property than you expected, which can lead to a loss of a lot of money.

It is crucial that you fully understand the costs associated with buying a home. You could end up in serious trouble if your home needs work.

Although the market is unpredictable, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to identify all risks. These are some things that you can do to ensure the best purchase. This information can be used to your advantage so you don’t lose money.

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Looking to buy a house, you should find an experienced realtor

These tips will make buying your dream home stress-free

There are many reasons why people want to buy real estate. These are great tips for buying real estate. These tips will help you learn more about the market.

Before you call a realtor, spend some time looking at homes. It is easier for your realtor to find the right price range and what you want. The realtor will then be able to target homes that are on your shortlist.

An experienced realtor should be able to make you feel at ease when you’re looking to purchase a house. You should ensure that the realtor is available to show you houses that have the most important features for you at a price range you can afford. It’s great if you can get along with each other. You want a realtor who is organized, responsive, and available to answer your questions in the preferred way (e.g. email or phone).

If you are looking to purchase a home, and have the funds, credit and job, there is no reason to delay. You might reconsider putting off buying a home if you’re new to the area, have a poor job or are planning on getting married.

The location is an important part of real estate selection. As important as the home’s features, consider the surroundings. Determine how far you will need to travel to get to work. Find out about the distance to work, shopping, law enforcement and doctors’ offices, day-care centers and schools, traffic and parking, and other information.

Consider including your children in the house-hunting process if you have children. You will be changing so much of their lives with the move. By including them in the process, you can make the transition a bit easier. They will feel that they have some input into the process.

Make sure that you’ve visited the property several times before you make an offer. This will allow you to see how the traffic patterns are in the area. Homes are best shown when traffic is minimal. Weekend open houses and midday viewings are popular but don’t give a buyer a true picture of the area. Although it may seem like stalking to drive to the property at different times of the day, this can help you get a good idea of the future by counting the cars and paying attention to any other sounds that may be disturbing your daily life.

You may have additional stress if you’re trying to sell your house while you shop for a new home. You may find that your home sells before you purchase another one. If this happens, make sure you look into storage and short-term rentals in your area.

Look for a qualified home inspector. You should verify everything, from references to credentials to past jobs. To find out the quality of an inspector’s work, you might call past clients. You want to be confident that your inspector can handle the daunting task of buying a house.

Avoid apartments as your first purchase when you are looking to invest in commercial realty. This is because there are often too many apartments and the possibility of a higher profit elsewhere. Choose a special property that you are unique.

There are some requirements that you should add to your offer when you make an offer on a house you wish to purchase. It would be terrible to discover that the backyard has been damaged or the house is in disarray before you close the deal. You should add standards like working appliances, a roof that isn’t leaking, windows that aren’t cracked, plumbing that is free of leaks, and a yard that has been kept clean.

Consider the commute times involved in purchasing a piece of real property. What is the commute time from your home to your job? How about getting from your house to school? Shopping? Shopping is a different matter.

Open houses are a great way to see if a neighborhood is appealing to you. You can view a home in person at your convenience. The open house is a great opportunity to ask the agent about the home, the surrounding schools, and the neighborhood without feeling pressure.

You can get the best deal possible by learning some tricks and tips in the real-estate market. Never be left out of any deal. Every opportunity is an opportunity for people to exploit you. These tips will help you succeed.