This Easy Trick Helps to Keep Your Diet on Track

Eating healthy couldn’t be easier.

Seems like Instagram has more perks than we think. By Claire Ang


Having trouble eating healthy? Posting your meals on Instagram to track your food intake can help you meet your healthy eating or weight loss goals.

According to a new study from the University of Washington, posting photos of your meals on Instagram can help you to stick to your healthy eating plans.

Researchers interviewed a total of 16 women who used Instagram to support their healthy eating and/or weight loss goals and used the hashtags #fooddiary or #foodjournal for their posts. Some of the questions asked included why they used Instagram to track their health goals as well as some of the challenges they faced.

Participants felt that sharing photos were more visually appealing as compared to using a food log. It’s also way more convenient because all they have to do is snap a photo of their food before eating. But most importantly, they chose Instagram for the social support. Through Instagram, participants have found many communities that share the same interest and goals as them to motivate one another.

Posting your daily meals not only helps you to easily keep track of what you’ve eaten, but it makes you feel accountable to your followers too. Plus, you’ll get support and encouragement from your followers too.

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