Drop Three Sizes in a Month With This Exercise

But first, it’s time to invest in a Bosu Balance Trainer.

Slash eight centimetres off your waistline in four weeks using the Bosu Balance Trainer. (Yes, it’s possible!)

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Can’t lose those love handles? The Bosu Balance Trainer will take your workout up a notch. An acronym for “Both Sides Utilised”, the apparatus creates instability when used on either side – dome or platform – to increase muscle activation, improve flexibility, boost strength and burn more calories. (See for more info on where to get the Bosu Balance Trainer.)

US Bosu master trainer Douglas Brooks designed the following exercise programme exclusively for Shape Singapore. You could drop three sizes within a month!


Three to four times a week, do each exercise as fast as you can (without losing proper form) for two to three minutes. After a few weeks, up the intensity by doing two to three sets, with 10 seconds rest between each set.

[Use the platform side of the Bosu Balance Trainer for the first move. The remaining moves are to be done on the other side of the trainer.]

Tip! Suffering from weak ankles or knee injuries? Start with simple balancing moves (even just standing on it will help), before upping the challenge. Always listen to your body and ease into the routine gradually.


Use the platform side of the Bosu Balance Trainer to work your upper body muscles. (Photo: ostill /

1. Drop three dress sizes in one month with this exercise: Platform push-up ball touch 

Works biceps, triceps, back and abdominal muscles

Get into plank position with hands placed on the rim of trainer for balance [as pictured]. Neck, spine and butt should be aligned. Slowly lower chest onto platform and keep hands close to body, elbows pointing towards ceiling. Extend arms forward and touch the ground.

Want to up the challenge? Place a ball one arm’s length away from trainer and lift ball up instead of touching ground.

For the rest of the workout, turn the Bosu Balance Trainer on its other dome side. (Photo: Bosu_fitness Instagram)

2. Drop three dress sizes in one month with this exercise: Plank walk-up

Works arms, back and abdominal muscles

Get into plank position, placing elbows and forearms on centre of dome. Keep neck, torso and butt aligned. Straighten arms and come into a high plank. Return to the starting position and repeat.

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3. Drop three dress sizes in one month with this exercise: Bicycle

Works oblique and abdominal muscles

Lie down with small of back on top of dome. Lift legs up to tabletop position (calves parallel to ground). Head, neck and torso should form a straight line, with hands cupping ears. Extend right leg and rotate torso fully to face left. Touch left knee with right elbow. Return to the starting position and repeat on opposite side.

4. Drop three dress sizes in one month with this exercise: Alternating forward lunge with dome touch and arm variation

Works quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteal muscles

Stand with trainer placed one stride’s length ahead of you. Bend knees and lean forward slightly. Keep elbows bent and close to the body. Lunge with left leg and place foot on centre of trainer. Lower back knee gently onto trainer. Return to the starting position and lunge with other leg.

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5. Drop three dress sizes in one month with this exercise: Dynamic split lunge with knee touch 

Works lower body

Lunge with left leg, placing foot on centre of dome. Touch dome gently with right knee. Stand or jump up to switch legs, leaning slightly forward as if running.

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