8 Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

How to ditch these self-sabotaging beliefs.

We lie to ourselves more often than we realise, but it’s time to stop derailing our own lives. By Sasha Gonzales.

Lies Stop Telling Yourself Self Sabotage 

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Whether they have to do with our weight, health, job, finances or relationships, the untruths we tell ourselves give us a sense that certain aspects of our lives are fine when they actually aren’t. Or the false idea that we’ve got things under control when we really don’t.

Such fibbing might make us feel good temporarily but it can ultimately eat away at our self-esteem, add to our stress, and keep us stuck in a rut. Iris Tan, a personal mastery coach and author of Be In The Moment, says that lying to oneself is simply an act of self-denial. “We deny what we don’t want to believe or see, and this affects us emotionally, mentally or physically.”

Take greater control over your life by working out where and how you have been deceiving yourself, and then changing your mindset and habits. Start with these 8 self-sabotaging beliefs to get rid of. Now.

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